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Which hurts more: getting a tattoo outlined or getting it colored in?

I'm going tomorrow to get the Hollister seagull on my right hip, outlined in black and colored in maroon. I have a small star on my other hip, but I never got it colored in. I was just wondering what would hurt worse.

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    Well, the difference is, for the outline, it's a single needle, and the shading/coloring, involves a bundle of needles. Regardless, you have someone dragging moving needles across your skin. I have never, in my 15 years, had someone tell me they liked the feeling of the coloring. Most people cringe and wince in pain for both parts of the tattoo. We do have to go over the shaded/colored areas again and again, to make sure the ink is full and bright. I always hate having mine colored, I think it hurts ten times worse than the outline.

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    well, it depends on your pain tolerance and where on the body you are being tattooed. On my half sleeve the color was definitely worse than the outline due to the fact that they go over it again and again and chest piece however was relatively painless and it is all color, no outline. hope that was helpful?

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    The outline hurts like a mad b*stard, the coloring feels good after that.

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    outlining is just an annoying pain which was the worst for me. At times I didn't even feel anything though.

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    Some people tell me the coloring is worse because they get it on a different day than their outline. Ive always gotten both done in one session. Outline feels like someone is dragging a razor down your skin and once it gets to the coloring all you will feel is buzzing because by that time it will be numb. You'll be fine

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    my husband said his outline hurt and the shading felt good. he has a tattoo on each arm and two on his back.

    I thought the oultine felt pretty good but my shading REALLY hurt! i have a rib piece.

    i think it just really depends on the person.

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