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how is Russia in Chechnya (1991) imperialisitic domination?

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    Chechnya was a part of the Russian Empire, including other Caucasian regions, before the Soviet Union. So of course the Russian Federation feels it should continue to be a part of Russia. Though under the Federation system, Chechnya has a lot of autonomy. It is called the "Republic of Chechnya" with a president and a parliament. All of the internal affairs of Chechnya is run by the autonomous Republic government.

    There are militant separatists, who are also Islamic Extremists, who have vowed to fight Russia until Chechnya is granted complete and unequivocal sovereignty. Though they are a minority, since the majority living in Chechnya voted for the present Republic government and want to remain part of the Russian Federation.

    So whether it is considered "imperialism" or not, should be a question that must be answered by the actions of the majority living in Chechnya. It seems when they go to vote, the majority Chechen vote clearly sides with Russia.

    Conservative Republican politicians in the US have supported the Islamic extremist Chechen separatists.

    It should be noted that the Russia Federation has over 25 million Muslims, the second largest religion in the Russian Federation. Islam is an officially recognized religion under the Russian Constitution and is granted certain rights and protections. Many other Republics in the Federation with majority Muslim populations do not have separatists or extremists. The Russian nation is proud of their Islamic heritage, all of their ancient mosques and Islamic holy sites are protected historical monuments. So the issues in Chechnya should not be misconstrued as a "religious" problem. It is probably a ethno-political problem which is fomented by foreign intervention in the region.

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    Russia considered Chechnya one of the soviet Providences (sorry, I don't know the exact word) After the break-up of the Soviet Union, it's one of the Providences Russia believed they could hold. An extremely costly move IMHO.

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