How can unemployment tell my earnings?

When people report their earnings to unemployment they are expected to report them to the best of their knowledge. My employer pays us every 2 weeks and it is not broken down by each week. If I work 40 hours one week and 20 the next week my pay will reflect 60 hours on my paycheck. I believe somehow employers must report what I earn to unemployment. Say my paycheck is 40 hours one week and 20 the next and I report working 30 hours each week instead since I would get a better benefit rate that way how could unemployment tell the difference? Do employers report my earnings somehow to unemployment and based on how my paycheck lists my total hours for both weeks how could they tell if I altered the hours for each week?

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    In iowa your wages are reported to Iowa Workforce Development on a Quarterly basis. All that goes on the form about you, the employee, is SS#, name,and wages. The form does not require hours, days or dates or weeks worked.

    I do about 20 of these each quarter.

  • Read the claim form! It asks you how much you EARNED each week, whether you have been paid or not. If you worked 40 hours one week and 20 the 2nd week, you multiply your hourly rate by the number of hours for each week and report the weekly earnings amount.

    Even though you are paid bi-weekly, earnings are reported to the state unemployment department on a weekly basis. If your reported earnings don't match up with what your employer reports (excluding minor differences) you'll be facing problems with the unemployment system. If you try and "game" the system your benefits may be denied and you may be denied all benefits and even have to repay anything that you have already received.

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    While your paycheck shows a total of two weeks earnings, your employer reports it to unemployment in one week intervals. This is actually for two reasons.

    One is the reason that you mentioned. The second is that you need to have a minimum number of earning weeks to qualify.

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    your employer is r'qd to complete the information about your earnings when you apply for unemployment and what they report is what your unemployment is based on

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