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What was that I saw a black shadow?

I was brushing my teeth in the morning and then out of the corner of my eye a black shadow passed by and when i looked over the towels were swaying back and forth what was that?

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    It was probably a spirit. Maybed you are sensitive to the dead. Try making contact with it and find out who it is and why it is there. Just dont use a Ouiji board

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    The black shadow was a hallucination caused by your eye's blind spot. The towels moving were either because you jerked around quickly or because there was a breeze.

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    It's called a "floater", a small clump of cells floating about in the vitreous humor of your eye, occasionally passing through your line of sight. Nothing to worry about.

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    I love classic British Motorcycles.

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    Plaque Monster!

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    It might have been a temporary dizzy spell in the morning or the furnace may have come on at the same time.

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    Aren't all shadows black?

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    Lay off the late-night pork and beans.

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    might have been a cavity creep, I hope you were brushing with crest

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    That was me. Sneaking out of your mom's bedroom.

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