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Driver 1 question (carpark first mission)?

is it just me that finds it impossible to get past the first mission on this game, i couldn't do it when i was a kid n i dug it out the other day and had a go and i still cant do it, its just insanely hard, the cars braked arnt good enough to do at least 2 of the things your supposed to do, its just rediculous for a first level.

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    Wow, that is an old game, and I haven't played it in forever. I never had a problem getting past the first mission. One of the missions at the end of the game, but never the first one.

    The first mission is showing you how to do all the different moves, basically showing you how to drive, like GTA III did. If you can't pass the first mission, then you are not doing something right. When you do it right, it will become clear to you, and you will kick yourself for not getting it in the first place.

    I assume you are having a problem with this:

    1. CAR PARK

    The aim here is to complete all the tricks on the list. You don't have to do

    them in any order, but you must complete them all in 60 seconds. the tricks


    BURNOUT: Hold down circle to start out.

    HANDBRAKE: Just press the handbrake once. Best to use it when you're slaloming.

    SLALOM: Follow the ghost car to learn the route. Try and build up high revs

    when you turn round for another pass so that you get speed checked too.

    180: Build up some speed and then turn and handbrake. Use full lock for best


    360: Use the burnout button and keep doing doughnuts until this is checked.

    for best results, turn the car until it begins to skid, then let go of

    any direction and just hold burnout down until you complete the 360.

    REVERSE 180: Probably the hardest trick. Get up close to a wall and reverse

    until you reach maximum speed. Now turn with full lock and tap the handbrake to

    loose the rear wheels easier.

    SPEED: Get maximum revs. Either drive straight as fast as possible, or

    accelerate hard whilst skidding to check this.

    BRAKE TEST: Reach maximum speed then brake to a stop before you hit a wall to

    check this off.

    LAP: Complete a lap of the car park clockwise or anticlockwise.

    You can find a FAQ here to help you if this isn't the mission you are having a problem with:


    ---- --- ----

    Think you're good? Try this little bit of advice and you can cut your

    Car park time in half:

    1. Hold burnout to get a fast start and check 'Burnout'. Turn the

    car slightly to the right so you begin to move slowly to the right

    of the slalom pilars. Keep driving until you reach the end of the

    garage where you would usually turn left to slalom.

    2. Hold down Full lock (L1), and yank the wheel to the left, then

    hit the handbrake hard to pull a 180. Practice getting the balance

    of handbrake and accelerator and you'll check speed off to. If you

    can do this right then you'll check off '180', 'handbrake', and

    'speed' in one go, and still be ready to slalom.

    3. Adjust your car slightly (use burnout) to be ready to slalom and

    miss the car and pilar. Slalom in between the pilars as usual. Use

    burnout and full lock to clip the pilars and keep a tight line and you

    can almost catch up with the ghost car.

    4. Turn left at the top of the course to get slalom checked like

    usual. Now keep driving back down the garage and turn through one of

    the middle pilars. Skid the car left and hold the burnout. Let go of

    any direction and just hold burnout and the car should spin through

    the middle of the car park and check '360'.

    5. Once the spin stops drive forwards towards the wall and then stop

    and begin reversing. Once you have reached maximum speed (i.e. the

    engine tone is flat) then hold full lock and wrench the wheel to the

    left. Tap the handbrake slightly mid-180 to overcome the friction and

    give the car a wider arc. You should now have 'Reverse 180' checked.

    6. Floor the accelerator and get back up to speed. Start driving round

    in a circle to check 'Lap'. As soon as it is crossed off then keep

    driving towards the nearest wall, and at the last second hold down the

    normal brakes until the car stops. You should now have 'Brake test'


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