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Is Autism considered a disability?

I don't think it's really a disability, but rather a personality trait. What do you think?

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    Yes, autism is considered a disability.

    Autism causes impairment in certain important life functions, like communication and social interactions. Difficulties with communicating and socializing can cause problems with employment. Autism also causes a strict need for routines and sameness and makes it hard to cope with changes and surprises. Autism often also causes sensory issues, which can cause many difficulties (for example not being able to go to certain places because fluorescent lights, noise, crowd and such pose a problem). Then there may also be symptoms like poor motor skills and many other things that can be disabling or effect the person’s chances of holding a job. Autistic individuals also think differently and process information differently, which can make it difficult for them to learn things the same way as neurotypicals, so they may need accommodations in school.

    Autism is a very wide spectrum, ranging from low functioning individuals who cannot communicate at all, have a severe cognitive disability, cannot take care of themselves, work or be independent and whose sensory issues are so bad that they cannot go certain places, to high functioning individuals whose difficulties and differences are barely noticeable and who can live pretty normal lives without much struggles or assitence. So naturally, the level of disability varies.

    I personally think of mild forms of autism more as a difference than a disability, but I am aware that they can be disabling, and usually are to some extent. I don’t think that it’s the mild autism itself that is disabling though, but the way society isn’t willing or able to deal with it. Discrimination, intolerance, lack of acceptance and rigid insistence on conforming to the neurotypical ways of doing things are what makes mild autism a disability. If we were given opportunities and reasonable accommodations and were accepted the way we are instead of insisting on “fixing” us or else ostracizing us, we wouldn’t be disabled. It’s society that puts up barriers. If people with mild autism were in majority in society, then we would not be disabled because society would be designed for us and not full of unnecessary barriers and limitations.

    Source(s): I have Asperger's syndrome, which is a mild form of autism.
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    Is Autism Considered A Disability

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    Is Autism A Disability

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    Autism is a disability. No matter where you are on the spectrum it is a disability. No one is officially disabled. People get recognized as disabled for various programs you might want to benefit from. You could be considered disabled by the Social Security Administration, but not by the Department of Motor Vehicles. You could be considered disabled by your school but not by the DSM IV. There is no universal official recognition of disability.

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    Is Autism considered a disability?

    I don't think it's really a disability, but rather a personality trait. What do you think?

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    In the education system, autism is considered a disability. It has different levels of severity according to what the child can do alone. It is a developmental disability which can affect communication, socialization and, of course, learning.

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    I think I m autistic. But I find that there are almost no doctors that diagnose adults with autism. And the one clinic that I was able to find will cost me $2000 for a two hour session. Is there a cheaper way to find out?

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    I disagree. It is a disability. Are you saying severely autistic kids aren't disabled? They can hardly speak and take care of themselves.

    The high functioning ones, including aspies, we struggle in life because of intolerance of differences and the discrimination we face. Now if places would hire anyone who has good skills, and has a great resume and work history than just judging them based on their body movements and their eye contact and motor mannerisms, etc. more autistic people would be employed.

    If we were accepted, we would be able to connect to people and socialize. We can have normal conversations and talk to people if they let us.

    We tend to learn different so we need accommodations.

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    I think high-functioning autism wouldn't really be a disability, just a social problem. If someone was very low-functioning, i.e., no communication, frequent fits, then that might be considered a disability since communication is an essential part of normal life and they can't do that.

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    I have Asperger's, and for me, it's a disability AND a gift. I do have my social problems, but people say I am an outstanding writer. My mom says Asperger's is a two-sided sword.

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