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A good PTC site that pays $0.1?

I'm looking for a good site thats pays to click (Please do not mention survey sites). I want a site that can atleast give me $0.1 and has atleast 5 links to click. I heard Neobux is the best but it only pays 0.01 so its gonna take me a long time to get $1. Or maybe a you could tell me a site that pays $0.05, I think i i'll be find with that. And i need the withrawal from Paypal.

BTW if you DO have any survey sites to recommend, plz tell me a good one that pays well cuz surveys take alot of my time. I need atleast $1 for each survey and the minimum withdrawal should be 10-20 dollars.

PS. I'm from Asia so do not suggest US PTCs or Surveys only.

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