Can you give me some good High Fantasy books?

I finished reading all of Terry Goodkind, Tolkein, Robert Jordan, and David Edding's The Belgariad+Malloreon.

I've wanted to start reading Terry Brooks, but I'm a little bit scared. I've heard so many good/bad reviews of the Shannara Series, that i just don't know if it's worth it.

Nothing thin either! I don't want to zip through these books like i did with the Earthsea series.

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    The Shannara series is worth it, just give it a try.


    In FANTASY here are some I (Fittings Doc) would recommend:

    "Legend” (1984) by David Gemmell (The MASTER of Heroic fantasy)

    (first book of the “Drenai Saga”)

    "The Dark Tide" (1984) by Dennis L. McKiernan

    (first book of the "Mithgar" series)

    “The Crystal Shard" (1988) by R.A. Salvatore.

    (the first book of "The Icewind Dale Trilogy")

    "An Oblique Approach" (1998) by Eric Flint & David Drake

    (first book of the "Belisarius" series)

    "The Misplaced Legion" (1987) by Harry Turtledove

    (first book of the "Videssos" series)

    One of Julius Caesar's legions is transported to a world with magic.

    "The First Book of Swords" (1983) by Fred Saberhagen

    (first book of the "Books of the Swords" series)

    "The Sword of Shannara" (1977) by Terry Brooks

    (first book in the Original "Shannara Trilogy")

    "Magician" (1982) by Raymond E. Feist

    (first book in "The Riftwar Saga")

    "The Riddle-Master of Hed" (1976) by Patricia A. McKillip

    (first book of "The Riddle-Master trilogy")

    Source(s): 40 years a Sci-Fi / Fantasy fan
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    The Shannara books are pretty terrible. That is to say, the first one is - I didn't get any further than that. It seemed to me to be a thinly disguised copy of Lord of the Rings!

    As for suggestions, you could try Steve Erikson's 'Malazan Book of the Fallen' series. That's not quite so high fantasy as some of the ones you've mentioned, but is pretty good, and certainly not thin.

    If you're looking for hefty fantasy epics, then George R R Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' could be for you, but it's not really high fantasy. It's jolly good though!

    You could have a look at reading some of the novels set in the Forgotten Realms world, like Salvatore's Drizzt series, but whilst that IS high fantasy it can be a little simple, and they're not huge books.

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    Totally agree with Kirsty those authors are awesome! Also, try Cornelia Funke, Terry Pratchett (the discworld series is rather a different branch of Fantasy but its worth reading if only for the humor..) Niel Gaiman is also really good (Good Omens is hilarious), Garth Nix is a good fantasy writer, Johnathan Stroud (Bartimeaus Trilogy, also hilarious) but my favorite authors have to be Phillip Pullman and Trudi Canavan, you should really check her out, the black magician trilogy is amazing!

    Hope that helped. :)

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    I would strongly suggest Philip Pulman's His Dark Materials trilogy... SO GOOD!

    As for being scared to read a book, don't. Check it out from the library and if you don't like it, no harm done. Eragon is good too, and you can't go wrong with Harry Potter either.

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  • Kirsty
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    C S Lewis, Phillip Pullman, Christopher Paolini, Terry Pratchett (I don't like him but you might)

  • Alex
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    There's Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter... Then there's Power of Five, first book Raven's Gate, then there's Artemis Fowl...

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