Does a wife need a registered power of attorney to sell a house jointly owned with her husband?

Hey, my husband works abroad. We want to sell our jointly owned house in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. My husband has given me a notary power of attorney which isn't registered.

I want to know whether it will be possible for me to sell the house without the need of a registered power of attorney?

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    yes notarised power of attorney is sufficient but need attestation by the officer not below the rank of Attache in the Indian Embassy abroad where your husband is staying.

    Registered power of Attorney is not a must.

  • subasu
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    1 decade ago

    The POA has to be notarised abroad first. Then, the POA (in original) is to be presented to the Registrar at Navi Mumbai for registration.

    In Maharashtra, it is not possible to sell a property without a properly notarised, registered Power of Attorney.

    Source(s): Personal Experience.
  • 3 years ago

    you will ought to have her declared incompetent with the help of a choose & you will must be made her atty in actuality. or you won't be able to sell what you do no longer own a hundred% of. the reality which you are the only one on the observe makes no distinction if she is on the deed.

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