What do these environmental jobs/education do?

I am reposting maybe I'll get more answers.....

environmental studies

environmental science

environmental engineer

environmental scientist


environmental biologist

environmental consultant

*sigh* I want to enter this field but which to study for idk..

if i left any other environmental related job out let me know :|

so what do I do for each job, what will I study for it? and how much do they pay

heck best answer who gets info on all of those jobs I'm sure a lot of you won't wanna write bout all that -.- anyway thanks in advance ^__^

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    environmental studies-- don't know

    environmental science -- science curriculum with emphasis on environmental engineering, biology, geology????

    environmental engineer - an engineer with a BS in Environmental Engineering. It is a lot like civil engineering with more geology and/or chemistry.

    environmental scientist - and environmental engineering wanna be that can't hack the math or physics. If you aren't smart enough to graduate in engineering, you will be called a "scientist"

    environmentalist - a whacked out person that values the mother earth without regard to the impact on humanity. For instance, an environmentalist will oppose building a hospital near a wetlands because of an endangered gopher turtle.

    environmental biologist - studies more of the biology of environmental science. Bioassays on fish, wetlands, etc...

    environmental consultant - a person that is paid to offer environmental engineering, biology or science experience. Can perform remediation, assessment or permitting of commercial projects or transactions.

    Source(s): hope these help. Some are dripping in sarcastic opinion (I am an engineer and consultant).
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    I'm an environmental engineer. Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions.

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