Good enough to get into the University of Michigan?

I'm a junior now, just took the SAT which I got 640 in math and a 530 in both verbal and reading. I'm in a bunch of clubs at my high school and have received 100+ community service hours.

I have a 3.8 GPA unweighted, and a 4.23 weighted (Florida GPA, where honors=4.5, AP=5, Regular=4) Top 7% of Class

The SAT score might be a little low, but I'm about to take the ACT which I heard was easier, might be able to get a good score on that.

But even with these SAT scores, would I have a chance getting accepted?

Any advice helping me get accepted to the University of Michigan would be appreciated.


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    The other answerer is a nub. In no way is Michigan like getting into just some state school. Getting in is not as competitive as MIT, harvard, princeton, etc., but omitting those schools, it is almost as competitive as getting into an ivy league.

    UofM is hard to get into, and your stats (i am really sorry to say) is not going to guarantee you admission at all. I recommend retaking the SAT so that you get 1300+ at least. Your scores rigiht now are really low for UofM, and your GPA is doable, but not spectacular.

    Bear in mind, everyone has like 20 extracurriculars and 100+ hours of community service (really, i am not exagerrating). Anyway, as stated you regrettably do not stand out and i am pessimistic about if you can get in, you are an average applicant. The school is difficult to get into, but i really wish you the best! Good luck!

    Source(s): I graduated from Michigan in Jan. 2008. I know a few people with records similar to yours who have been rejected (and, have been astonished)
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    4 years ago

    Easily. The middle 50% of Central Michigan University students received a 20-24 on the ACT. Having a 3.5+ GPA puts you in the top 38% of the student body. Of course, admissions also depends on other factors like extracurriculars and your application. However, you should be able to get in there easily (and very likely with a nice scholarship).

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    It's a public university. If you can spell its name, you can get in.

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