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如可以的話, 能否用英語表達?



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    Here are some season poems that I like most, hope they'll give you some ideas:


    I woke up this morning the sun was shining in.

    But it's just March and there's still a biting wind.

    I heard a flock of geese a singing their tune.

    So I know spring must be ready to bloom.

    Springtime is coming; it's just around the bend,

    Daffodils, crocus, and tulips, beautiful colors that blend.

    The snow on the mountaintops is starting to melt.

    What a beautiful time of year to be felt.

    Rivers running downstream, grass turning green,

    The breath of new life is crisp and clean.

    The fields, the yards and gardens all coming to life,

    Bumblebees buzzing, butterflies fluttering light.

    Spiders spinning their webs trying to catch a fly.

    What a wonderful time of year to be happy and spy.


    When water flows, and the wind blows.

    You can feel the summer breeze,

    playing with the autumn leaves.

    When clouds are white, and the sun is bright.

    You can see the grass grow tall,

    next to the river's water fall.

    When roses are red, and the weeds are dead.

    You can taste the gold, sweet honey,

    while the earth is warm and sunny.

    When trees are green, and they can't be seen.

    You can hear the church boys singing,

    while the morning bells are ringing.

    When morning turns to night, and the moon's your only light.

    You can smell the honeysuckle,

    as you stroll along and chuckle.

    When summer comes around,

    fun and mischief sure abound.Winter

    Dark cold nights and white crisp ice

    No flowers in bloom, the world a white tomb

    Hats, scarves and gloves, no pretty white doves

    Lovers kissing in the park before it gets dark

    No cars on the road, walkers being bold

    Babies being cuddled, teenagers getting huddled

    Snow flakes falling down, an early shutting town

    Snow balls being thrown, birds going south are flown

    Snow crunched into the ground, white powder all around

    The sun low in the sky, the flowers to die

    Sitting warm by the fire, holidays advertised on a flyer

    The weather as hard as a splinter, this is winter.

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