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看電影時聽的的英文句子 ~請英文高手幫忙

請幫忙看依下這些問題 thanks

1.get you back 是我會支持你ㄉ意思ㄇ

2.keep together是振作ㄇ

3.get you later =see you(待會見ㄇ) away 是啥

5.pull out herself 是啥意

6."ㄙㄟ ㄎㄨㄛ"meaning 是啥

7.他亂說啦 英文口語要怎說

8.make sense to me 是啥意


he is going there now

he has gone there


10.正要過去是she is going to go thereㄇ

11.槍戰片看到get over it 是解決他ㄇ

12.get for it 是啥意

13聽到"胚 ㄊㄧ" 意思是小事ㄧ樁是哪ㄍ單字

14."框 ㄆㄧ"是哪ㄍ單字

15.outspoken 用來形容學生要怎樣解釋比較好

16.luary /urgh 是啥意

17.all timer是啥

18.發音是 "ㄜ k ㄉ ㄇㄧ 阿" "world/war" 是啥意

19.will you be home late tonight是啥意

20.pull away有徹底執行的意思ㄇ

21.”ㄙ ㄔㄨㄟ ㄙ out”發音像這樣是哪ㄍ單字

22.”ㄎㄚ ki” 發音像這樣是哪ㄍ單字 說這ㄍ字時他ㄇ會把兩隻手食指跟中指往下彎

23.”ㄉㄞ man sion” 發音像這樣是哪ㄍ單字


25.接某人事 pick sb up /pick up sb banana為什麼譯為"沒賣點"

27.i am on my way out事指我再出去ㄉ路上ㄇ

28.I have hard time to say this word.事指我說這ㄍ單字有困難ㄇ


he is reported ....為什麼要加 is

you should give away clothing that you otherwise won't use

翻譯事...,otherwise 怎麼會放這ㄍ句子 .聽cd時他把otherwise用instead來解釋

"so d off"因聽起來是這樣, 常聽到是啥意

i hear you 事我同意ㄉ意思ㄇ

Update 2:

the Muppets were popularized nationally by the television show ....

為什麼用were popularized被動

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    1.get you back 讓你回來

    2.keep together 維繫.一起保留

    3.get you later 讓你以後 see you 再見 away 談話

    5.pull out herself 拔出自己

    6. meaning 意思

    7.他亂說啦 He speaks irresponsibly

    8.make sense to me 有道理

    9.已經在路上是 是→Already on the road was

    不是→ he is going there now.

    he has gone there

    10.正要過去 不是→ she is going to go there

    是→ Is just about to

    11.get over it 不是→ 解決他

    是→ 克服它

    12.get for it 為它得到

    13. Minor matter pile

    14.The frame approves

    15.outspoken 用來形容學生要怎樣解釋比較好


    17.all timer 所有定時器


    19.will you be home late tonight 您今晚將到家中

    20.pull away 不是→徹底執行

    是→ 離開

    24.cooperate 搭檔.合作.協作

    25.pick sb up 選擇某人了/pick up sb 拿起某人

    27.i am on my way out 我在我的出路

    28.I have hard time to say this word. 我很難說這兩個字

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    i hear you 我聽到你

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