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請幫我翻譯一段英文對話 拜託!!! 請不要用翻譯軟體~

A: 嗨! 同學,你最近過得如何呀?

B: 恩.........,非常不好。

A: 怎麼啦? 說來聽聽。

B: 最近不是要期末考了,你準備的如何?

A: 我很好 ! 大概都能順利通過吧,妳呢?

B: 我快被退學啦!!!

A: 發生什麼事了?

B: 妳知道嗎? 我其中考試全部都不及格,不及格就算了,我還一直翹課,


A: 哇!!! 這真是糟糕。那你還不趕快開始讀書!!!

B: 怎麼讀? 我翹課翹太兇以致於老師交過的東西我全都不會。



B: 不要放棄我,你能不能每天放學留下來交我功課?

A: 喔!! 哈哈,我也不會ㄚ,我考試都用作弊的。那這樣好了,期末考的時候,我把答案拿給妳,接下來就靠你自己了。

B: 妳說的是真的嗎?



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    A:Hi! Did schoolmate, how you cross recently?

    B: Graciousness ........., is not good.

    A: How? Mentions listens.

    B: Recently not wanted the end of the period to test, how did you prepare?

    A: I am very good! Can probably pass smoothly, you?

    B: I leave school quickly!!!

    A: What matter had? B: You know? I take a test do not pass an examination completely, did not pass an examination, I have also played truant, finally the work has not handed over, how should I manage?

    A: Ha!!! This is really bad. Then you also not quickly start to study!!!

    B: How to read? I play truant curl upwards teacher has handed over the thing I all not to be able too ominously. What good means do you have?

    A: I can only say that is willing God to bless you.

    B: Do not give up me, you can be on vacation from school every day remains down hands over me the schoolwork?

    A: Oh!! Ha, I ㄚ, I will not take a test use to cheat. That has been like this good, the end of the period tests, I take the answer for you, then depended on you. B: What you said is really?

    A: Certainly!!!

    B: That says it and means it Luo.

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