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Clueless about our german car, can you help w this info?

Clueless about our german car, can you help w this info?

So my bf car broke down on christmas eve while we were on our way to see our families, thank god we weren't too far from his parents when it died. We were able to get rides christmas day to visit our families but we had to leave the car in the suburbs and we live in the city over night to get home . . . ahhh anyway today we went back to where we left the car and it started up and ran fine enough for a ten minute drive to fill the gas and then it died again when we left it running for 5 minutes in my bf's patents drive way. The car doesn't start up after being ''jumped'' by other cars so it can't be the battery and it can't be the gas because although the tank was near empty when it first died xmas eve it still stopped running after we went to the gas station! The car is a 2002 passat glx four motion and is in good condition other than it is a bit over due for an oil change. The lights stay on when the car stops running as well as the radio and that sort of thing, it is just the engine that seems to stop. When the key is turned to start the ignition it seems like everything is normal and should start the car, only for it to shut off. We have spoken to a few friends over the phone who work on cars daily, however it IS the holidays so no one has the time to actually see what is wrong. We have narrowed it down to possibly being a feul pump problem or a feul filter, but like i said that is based on hear say. We think it's a feul filter because when the car sat over night it allowed some gas to get to the engine and ran out because the filter could no longer filter feul. . . or so my bf thinks. Based on this info can anyone spot what seems to be the issue with his car? Please we are in need of a car tomorrow and need to figure out what is going on and not waste time going to different mechanics that don't know what is wrong. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME =)



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    Volkswagens are Finicky when it comes to Maintenance.

    You said it stops running, but all other electrical things stay running.

    Is it automatic, or Manual transmission?

    First clue:

    "although the tank was near empty when it first died xmas eve it still stopped running after we went to the gas station"

    If you drive a "modern" car around Especially a VW on less than a quarter of a tank of gas, you can burn out your fuel pump. When Dubs pumps are going bad, they usually whine like a Kid in a candy store, as there are 2 fuel pumps on a VW. The Transfer pump which is in-tank and a external main pump which is usually infront of the rear axle on the passenger side. If you did hear a loud whine, then the in-tank pump probably went, and could of taken your main pump out too.

    Fuel pumps that sit in the tank are bathed in GAS, this gas keeps them cool and is used to lubricate the pump itself as it is a oil. When the tank is less than a 1/4 tank the fuel that the pump is used to be bathed in is below it, and it tends to over heat, eventually it will die.

    As it overheats, the main pump is being starved for fuel, as the in-tank becomes a restriction to the fuel flow. The whining that you would hear is the Main pump having to work harder....

    So first guess it is the fuel pumps, and or the fuel pump relay that is causing you grief. The Fuel pump relay is know to over heat and the solder that connects the contacts looses the electrical short. When the relay cools, it reconnects......

    5-10 minutes usually tells me that you have a pump or relay issue.

    However there are 2 sensors that can also cause you grief, one is the CTS sensor, and the Other is the o2 sensor. Those you can unplug if the car won't start and see if that doesn't resolve the issue.

    The CTS sensor is a Blue Sensor that is on the Water outlet flange on the head.

    If the car doesn't turn over, then it is a Starter or a Heat Soak issue if Automatic.

    Lastly, I would do a full tune up and check the timing. Wires plugs cap and rotor is applicable. Then Timing Timing Timing........

    Lastly Clean your battery grounds at the Battery and where the battery cable goes to the frame. I have seen flaky grounds also cause strange things on VW's

    Source(s): 30 years of water cooled ownership.
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    Well, "such a lot" individuals do not discover this, however the common VW used to be made within the USA! I possess a 1971 VW and I love that vehicle. Just given that we bought the rights to the Germans doesn't suggest it is German made. Mexico additionally made them, however they "are" an American made vehicle. I do not suppose the Germans owe me whatever, vehicle or or else. Should sh-t hit the fan, "any" nation who does no longer help the USA will discover out why they "must" have. And that is all I must say approximately that.

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    sounds like an ignition problem to me.

    Source(s): Mechanic 17 years
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