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SmackDown! vs. RAW DS help?

OKAY. Hai.

So for Christmas, I got Smackdown Vs. RAW for DS. I made my little character and everything was going swimmingly.

Until I got into a match. Admittedly, my character, sucky? He's hella fast and a weakling. BUT HE CAN'T WIN LOL.

I then made another character with a good balance.

I let my cousin play and he got me alllll the way up to Jack Swagger, so like 1-4 I think? I beat him the first time, but my game shut off, and now Jack Swagger is kicking my behind.

I got frustrated so then I went to go kick my weakling around a bit while I played the Undertaker.


Do I suck, or does my game? Logically, sure it's me that sucks but-but-but I'M GOOD AT VIDEO GAMES AND THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE EASY. Any hints to make me, y'know, not suck?


Okay, first answer is very correct. My guilt as a die-hard phenom fan overwhelmed me. Any tips on how to like, actually play the game? Whenever I grapple, the opponent is just all "lawl, I have no strength, but I'll reverse it."

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    You just suck. How could you let a CAW beat Taker?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Trust me you're the one who can't play the game, upgrade to an XBOX

  • 1 decade ago

    Your behind is not the issue, it is jack swagger

  • 1 decade ago

    no, you're not sucks..

    just get more practice, and you'll be good at it.

    Source(s): my experience in gaming.
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