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I love my brother's friend...HELP?

have know the guy for years. He is funny,cute and a friend. But you know that song by sara buxton, her lyrics (He's got these brown eyes that drive me crazy and oh that smile just sways me, I love hime wanna have his babies) I dont know if you know that songs but he has these brown eeys and smile that makes me go crazy. I mean we pick around and I flirt and he does the same. We have a good time. I would love to date him, but I have a bf I love my bf but he is more husband material and plus, our relationship has done downhill. but the other guy I liked longed and I know so much about him, and heswipes me off my feet. I enjoy is company and such...So PLEASE HELP?

They only been together a couple weeks and I been with my guy 2 yr.

I wouldnt cheat. but I am really into him, My relationship with my bf, its gone downhill.

I am in what you call between a rock and a hard place.


I know I posted this before, but I need more help.

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    if this guy seems like a good bf then go for it i think dive in wen he breaks up with his girlfriend be their to pik up the broken pieces with love

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    Go for em both, play em both, and once they find out, jst ask they to do a 3 way they will forget all about it: :): :):) noprob fart face

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    go for the brothers friend he sounds great!

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