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Help i dont want to loose my hair?

My dad is 44 and is begining to loose his hair. But my grandfather who is my moms dad lost his hair like around 30 years. My grandfather divorced my grandmother and married another lady. They both had a son who happens to be my half uncle. Well my uncle lost his hair before he turn 30. Now that im thinking about it im scared i might loose my hair at a young age. Im just 19. I dont want to start balding not until im pass 40. So do you think my mom genetics can affect me. **** i hope not.

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    First off, they've found the old "baldness comes from your mother's side" is not true. It comes from either parents, or both parents and it's a crapshoot what you might end up with. I have clients from the same parents where one is bald, and the brother is not.

    There are many "witch doctor" methods out there that people say works to prevent baldness. Don't waste your money trying these things. The only things that actually have been proven to work in studies are Rogaine, or Propecia.

    Both of these need to be started immediately when you notice thinning- if you're already bald, it's too late. Both of these do not work on everyone- but on quite a lot of people. You can tell when you start thinning because well, you can tell, and also the scalp can tend to be a bit shiny, and the hairs that are thinning tend to get wispyer as they're on their way out....

    Male pattern baldness is a sensitivity to DHT- a byproduct of testosterone. Not all guys are sensitive to it. Both Propecia and Rogaine address this by removing the DHT. And both you have to use for the rest of your life, because there is no permanent solution for baldness.

    I've been on Propecia for four years now, and I got on it when I started noticing thinning. It's not back to where it was before, but I caught it quick, and people still say I have thick hair, though I know I have less. (My dad was completely bald most of his life by the way, and I'm 2 months shy of 40). It's chemical name is finasteride, and if you get the generic and break it into fours, it's much cheaper than the name brand Propecia (which is around $100 a month). It actually is for enlarged prostate, but they found a lot of men who were balding started getting more hair, and it halted the balding process. One caution- you have to be very careful pregnant women do not even touch the pill, because they think it can cause birth defects.

    Rogaine (minoxodil) is a topical solution, and in my opinion, not as good. My skin was sensitive to it, and it got dry and itchy. It also can first make the hair fall out, before it grows back.

    If you don't notice any thinning yet- you can use Nioxin- a line of hair care products that remove DHT, if you look it up on the net, you can probably find out which salons in your area carry this line. I use this in addition to Propecia.

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    Everyone loses hair. Everyday. Hundreds actually. It relies might be in your period. You would possibly not detect it such a lot in case your hair is lighter and shorter. But each person does. Other matters can impact the lack of hair too. Like pressure, hormones, having a youngster, your cycle...plenty of matters. Just take care of your hair the fine manner you'll be able to. Love it. If you continue to suppose your wasting extra hair that you simply suppose you will have to, Nexus makes a exceptional line of hair merchandise notably formulated for regrowth of hair. You can get it at so much salons.

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    check where your hairline starts lol , if its far back then your f**ked Lol.

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