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I like my brother's friend,He has a gf and she is a distant friendof mine...Help?

I have know the guy for years. He is funny,cute and a friend. But you know that song by sara buxton, her lyrics (He's got these brown eyes that drive me crazy and oh that smile just sways me, I love hime wanna have his babies) I dont know if you know that songs but he has these brown eeys and smile that makes me go crazy. I mean we pick around and I flirt and he does the same. We have a good time. I would love to date him, but I have a bf I love my bf but he is more husband material, but the other guy I liked longed and I know so much about him, and heswipes me off my feet. I enjoy is company and such...So PLEASE HELP?


They only been together a couple weeks and I been with my guy 2 yr.

Update 2:

I wouldnt cheat. but I am really into him, My relationship with my bf, its gone downhill.

Update 3:

I am in what you call between a rock and a hard place.

Update 4:

but my bro's friend has both qualties I am looking for

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    At the risk of offending you,you are Still do not know the true meaning of love. You claim that you have a boyfriend whom you love so much but that he is husband material (as if that was something bad). But you also claim to like your brothers friend very much though he also has a girlfriend who is a distant friend of yours (whatever that means). You flirt with him and he does with you though you are both involved with other people . Why don't you guys both leave the person you are with now and start dating each other. If you both can leave your current partners ,then maybe you would have the proof you need that you should be together. However,if you can;t,then maybe it is also proof that you guys just have the hots for each other .Meanwhile,figure out what love means to you,what qualities you want in a relationship, the qualities you want in your partner and what you will offer this person in return,whether you want a guy who is husband material or one who is not and is a player and a cheat.Finally consider how you will feel if your boyfriend came to you and said that he loves you but likes this gal very much and flirts with her. and enjoys her company but you are wife material.Think long and hard about it and be able to come up with a decision..

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    WOW.. You can speak to him. I'm definite the speaking will fall of deaf ears. He is younger and in love. Ahhhhhh ...I consider younger love. Being a Mom now and survived/surviving three, 15 yr olds it's obviously a mission. If your Mom does not put into effect something then he obviously would possibly not concentrate to you due to the fact Mom permits it. I see your factor and it is rather hazardous. Young love can perform a little loopy matters. I might speak to the GF and permit her understand what folks will feel. I might speak to him even supposing it is going to fail. You must be correct with Allah SWT.If that did not paintings I might bear in mind speaking to her Mother. Personally I might wish to understand if my lady was once at the mistaken avenue. Good Luck

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    Would you like it if some other girl started trying to steal your bf away from you? Don't be a (insert your favorite adjective here). And I would suggest breaking up with your current bf if you wanna be in the market for a man

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    You don't have to date every guy who sweeps you off your feet. Be friends and don't cheat.

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    me:you have a boyfriend tht you said you love,dont **** it up for a crush...stupid idea...

    my fiance:if you dont like your boyfriend BREAK UP WITH HIM but if you accualy like him and dont just want him cus of his "husbandry skills" then screw the other guy

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    well it sounds like you like the guy friend more so yeah so see were it takes you take a risk(but dont cheat)

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    stay away from him get into activiteis

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