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any pointers on how to paint with oils?

just got some tiny oil packet paints for Christmas. i'm excited because i know they take a long time to dry. i also know it smells like really badly and need to paint by an open window or something. anyway, im just not sure what to do with so little paint or any of the real rules on how to use oils

any tips?

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    Oil paints are probably the most versatile paints that artists use. You can paint pictures from small detailed canvases to huge canvases that you can see in churches and museums. You can buy mediums that will speed up the drying time like liquin and will make your paint shiny or dull. You can add turpenoid to dilute the paint or linseed oil to make them thicker. There are many techniques and ways to use oil paint. Oils have nicer more natural colors than acrylics and don't darken when they dry, but they do smell and the fumes can make you sick. Use them in a well ventilated area and let them dry for couple weeks in a place outside your living space. I have a separate studio that is not attached to my house because I would get a runny nose and itchy eyes like I would have allergies when I was painting in my house and let the paintings sit there.

    Diluted paint will dry faster than thicker paint. Diluted paint will take about a day to dry to touch thick impasto may take months. Always build up the paint from thin to thick. Don't skimp on paint. Use enough paint to get the effect you want. Having little paint does not mean you can not paint a beautiful picture, it just might mean you can't paint a big picture just smaller. Also you don't have to paint from background to foreground, and don't make the mistake to do so. Look at paintings by Van Gogh like Starry Night you will find that this doesn't apply. I always start with the part of the painting that interest me most and go from there adjusting parts of it as I go along. Remember to have fun with oils and just paint.

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    on condition that oil paints many times dry very slowly, it provides the artist the possibility to effectively paintings on the portray over a number of classes with out any concerns of the canvas drying up early. you have adequate time to think approximately particular judgements which you require to make and accordingly produce better paintings. Oil is the least confusing medium to paintings with. normally, arising oil paintings is comparatively user-friendly in assessment with using different mediums like water shade or using pastels. maximum beginners use oil paints because of this reason. The paint additionally would not circulate or run whilst portray on the canvas and this permits a greater precise portray. besides, that's much less stressful to make corrections on the canvas whilst using oil paints. All you require doing is scrapping off the paint using a knife and then repainting the scrapped section.

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    -make sure you have A LOT of turpentine to clean your brushes because water and soap wont work.

    -keep you painting in a dry area when it is drying or else the paint will get a film over it.

    -have plenty of brush sizes.

    -paint on a surface that can get sloppy

    -dont wear your favorite clothing (oil based paint will NEVER wash out)

    my favorite type of art with oil paint is abstract. it allows you to do what ever you want.

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    Layer layer layer. Background to foreground always. Also, oils work best with polygonal-like, simple shapes. The way to make it look more realistic is with color, lots of vibrant color in different shades and tones. I suggest studying, or google up ROMANTICISM, the best era in art to teach you about using color in this way, it'll help alot with your oil painting. If you want to make a more detailed picture I suggest switching to acrylic or even watercolor. Obviously clean your brushes spotless with oil after every period of working on it, and you are able to "water down" the colors by mixing oil into the paint. Have fun! :D

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    welcome to the world of oil paints!!


    i first got mine last christmas and now they are basically all i use XD the colours are so rich!

    Ok, use linseed oil when painting, it thins out the oils and makes it easier to apply/stroke :) and it also means you use less paint = lasts longer haha

    and to remove the paint from brushes, soak them in turps/turpentine/metholated spirits (spelling?) lol cause water wont rid it. and defiantly dont inhale too much of these spirits cause i got so dizzy haha so do it outside.

    good luck and hope you enjoy them! XD

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