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Who would have had a bigger career had it not been cut short. Magnum TA or Owen Hart?

I just got "The Rise and Fall of WCW" and I forgot how big Magnum TA was set to be before his accident. Do you think Owen or TA would have been bigger?

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    Magnum TA. At the time of his accident, he was being groomed to beat Flair and become the babyface World champion. When Owen died, he was never being groomed for a run with the World title. I think WWE always thought of Owen as an upper midcarder at best, and I don't think they ever had any plans to push him as a consistent main eventer

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    Magnum TA would have a bigger career.

    No what People want to believe,Owen Hart was never going to be a WWE champion.Yeah he was talented,possible the best of the Harts and one of the best High-flyers of his time but he was never going to win the WWE title.He had his chance in 1994 when he and his Borther Bret Hart feuded over the title,that was his chance of winning the title,Would have the best time to put it on him during his peak but it never happened,after that he was just another talented Mid-Carder who was in a big company without ever going to make it to the big time.

    Magnum has going to be NWA world champion.He had been booked to win it off Ric Flair i think,He was talented and he was going to be the next big thing in wrestling.

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    I'm gonna deviate from the rest of the answers and go with Owen Hart...*only* because of the whole Hart Foundation/now Dynasty. I think that with more time, he would've been a breakout star. I don't think Stu would've settled for anything less. It's sad that Owen's remembered more because of his death than anything else.

    No disrespect to Magnum TA, because he definitely was going places, but I just have to go with Owen on this one. I think the Hart name alone would've guaranteed the pushes and eventual superstardom.

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    As much as I loved Owen (being Canadian and all like myself), I'd have to go with Magnum, as he was set to become the NWA World Champion after Flair until he ended up paralyzed

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    till now Eddie Guerreo died; he replaced into nevertheless in the main adventure scene. i think of Owen Hart might of been worldwide Champion by potential of 2006, because of the fact Wwe might of possibly dropped the previous and Bret Hart replaced into going into the hall of acceptance. i think of Owen Hart might of had a stable destiny suitable now, and attainable a extensive concept to the greater youthful adult males in the back.

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    TA all the way, life cut him short

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