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Serious Dog question, need everyones input asap. Help?

Ok so I have a 30pound Aussie mix male who's about 10months old. He is half deaf and half blind, one of his eyes always is moving back and forth shaking really fast, ever since he was a baby. He's lived a normal life, playful all the time always wanting to please.

So he came in the house yesterday limping screaming and bleeding from his neck and legs and had a bite wound next to his mouth.

I cleaned him up and discovered multiple bite wounds(Is what i think it was) from his upper thigh to his lower leg.

He continued limping and whimpering (vets were closed, as it was Christmas.)

He would not lay down, every time he tried he'd scream and get up quickly, he didn't realize he could lay on the other side. So my mom and I tried to lay him on his good side, he screamed anywhere we touched, gentle as we were.

Finally we laid him down and i petted him to keep him staying there, mom gave him half a tylenol 4 and he was veryyyy drugged up, he kept getting up and standing in one place, staring at the wall or the floor, not doing anything.

He did this off and on for 12 hours, did not lay down ONCE. He'd sway from sleepiness and catch himself when he started sliding down to the floor.

Today his leg isnt the problem, he lays down on his own and doesnt seem to be in much pain there.

But, he won't do anything..

He is still standing with his head down staring at the floor, his pupils look fine, as they always do really, and he's drueling terribly, dripping druel everywhere, he wont listen when we talk to him, we know he can hear alot of things, and we know he hears us so when he finally pays attention all it is is a flick of his ear and he walks a foot and stands still, swaying again, the medicine is out of his system, and i dont know whats wrong.

we are thinking he was in a fight yesterday and thats how his leg got hurt, and maybe he got bit on the head, if so, other than taking him to a vet, what can i do? what should i look for?

what could happen if he doesnt see a vet?

please help me make my Uno better.

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    Why isn't this dog at the vets already?

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    Besides the drugs, which by the way don't affect aussies any different than any other dog..your dog is in shock. Put a blanket it in the dryer and put it on high for about 10-15 minutes. Try and get him comfy beside you on the couch and cover him with the blanket. Keep him very warm until the shock passes. Once he is not drooling offer him a little warm milk, it won't hurt him. Then see if he will eat something but try yogurt or oatmeal, or some rice. Above all else keep him warm.

    You should take him to the vet as animals bites will get infected but if you can't then you in for a lot of work. First you have to find all the bites and clean each wound. Use warm water. Dry the area well and then put a antiviral/antibacterial salve on it. There is also a product called Blukote, it may not have the same name where you are but it is a spray that is blue or purple and you spray it on each and every wound. For now you have to keep the wounds clean and disinfected. Another thing we use is called Dettol. You mix like a drop in warm water and clean the wounds with it.

    I know this because we have had dogs fight and also we have sheep who have suffered coyote attacks and we were able to fix a lamb that had his side ripped open. It is important to tend to the wounds every day cleaning and putting on a spray or even something like alcohol but that hurts like hell.

    Best of luck to you..when you can though call a vet and get some advice or take him in and they can give him some antibiotics as he will need these to help with any infection that may be starting.

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    I hope you haven't killed this dog- Aussies can have a genetic defect that allows a LOT of any drug through the blood brain barrier, and that can kill them faster than another dog. You should NEVER give your dog a human drug of any kind -and I don't know what a tylenol 4 is, but I have a bad feeling. He has likely sustained severe liver damage.

    Get your dog to the emergency vet RIGHT NOW.

    Seriously, get in the car, and GO.

    This should have been done on Christmas, when the attack first occurred - and if you handled this dog with your bare hands you need to think about the fact that your dog could have easily been in a fight with a wild animal that carried diseases, including rabies - it is a consideration that you should have the rabies shots. And rabies would not be the only concern here - you need to consult with your own doctor as well -right away. RABIES IS FOREVER- you could in fact die if you were infected, and there is a short period of time in which to get the vaccine. No joke.

    It may be that your dog has sustained liver damage from the drug you gave him - and they may or may not be able to save him. I hope this is not true, but it may be - and either way, he should not be left to suffer.

    When a dog is attacked, it needs to go to a vet.

    Owners should NEVER be giving their dogs human drugs - many of them are toxic, and will do more harm to the dog than what it was supposed to have helped.

    I wish you luck - this isn't good.

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    Besides the medicinal drugs, which incidentally do not have an effect on aussies any distinctive than some other puppy..your puppy is in surprise. Put a blanket it within the dryer and placed it on top for approximately 10-quarter-hour. Try and get him cozy beside you at the sofa and canopy him with the blanket. Keep him very hot till the surprise passes. Once he isn't drooling present him somewhat hot milk, it will not do any harm him. Then see if he'll devour whatever however take a look at yogurt or oatmeal, or a few rice. Above all else maintain him hot. You will have to take him to the vet as animals bites gets inflamed however in case you can not then you definately in for plenty of labor. First you need to discover the entire bites and blank each and every wound. Use hot water. Dry the field good after which placed a antiviral/antibacterial salve on it. There could also be a product referred to as Blukote, it would possibly not have the identical identify in which you're however this is a spray that's blue or red and also you spray it on every wound. For now you need to maintain the injuries blank and disinfected. Another factor we use is referred to as Dettol. You combine like a drop in hot water and blank the injuries with it. I recognise this due to the fact that we have now had puppies battle and in addition we have now sheep who've suffered coyote assaults and we have been ready to repair a lamb that had his part ripped open. It is major to generally tend to the injuries day-to-day cleansing and hanging on a sprig and even whatever like alcohol however that hurts like hell. Best of good fortune to you..while you'll be able to even though name a vet and get a few recommendation or take him in and they are able to provide him a few antibiotics as he'll want those to aid with any contamination that can be establishing.

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  • I hate to tell you, but if you dont see a vet soon, you could be playing UNO's last card.

    Everything that you mentioned should be a sign to take your dog to a vet, it's not christmas anymore, so what is your excuse for not wanting to take him to the vet today. How was he out without supervision to get into a fight?

    Him being able to get into a fight, and him not seeing a vet are both signs of irresponsible owners.

    On top of everything else, he could have been internally injured, to which giving him any kind of human meds could have hurt his liver and made it worse.

    I am not trying to be mean, just real with you. Please take your dog to someone that can help him.

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    Call your vet, leave a voicemail. Vets monitor their voicemails. Tell them it's an emergency. If they can't help you, ask them for the number of a 24 hour vet.

    The drooling could be from the Tylenol since it's not good for dogs at all. You should have given him a low dose aspirin instead.

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    Vet. Sorry to say it, but he needs a vet. He could have been hit on the head, he could even have internal bleeding! Has he drank anything since he got hurt? He's lost blood and needs fluids. Check his gums, around his eyes and his nose. Are they pale and dry? If so he's dehydrated and needs a vet right away! Though you really should take him anyway, because this does not sounds normal!

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    We live in the middle of the town but we still have wild animals. A month ago a wiener dog, down the street was killed by Coyotes. Another dog was hurt by a Raccoon that was rabid. So I would say maybe a wild animal got a hold of him and he needs to see a vet. Do you have a fenced yard or do you let him run wild?

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    Contact the emergency vet service. Your dog has suffered severe trauma and probably gone into a physical state of shock and dehydration, this is potentially life-threatning.

    Do not give Tylenol again (it's poisonous to dogs) and even a child's Aspirin may exacerbate any bleeding internally.

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    If he doesn't see a vet he could get quite a raging infection, not to mention he is probably still in a great deal of pain and it is our DUTY as a responsible pet owner to make sure that they receive proper medical care.


    it isn't christmas day today!

    If your folks can afford the computer your writing on and the internet your using to be on YA Dogs, then I'm sure they can afford the vet bill.

    Source(s): **sits here, still shaking my head**
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    I'm not one for giving non humans people meds, so I'm assuming that even though the medicine appears to be out of his system, it's possible that he developed a reaction to it on top of the pain and discomfort from the dog fight he was in (I say dog fight because it certainly sounds like that's what happened).

    Dogs are like Wolves, they are a very dominate species. He may have encountered a larger breed dog, and needs to be checked for Rabies.

    Take him to the Vet, asap.

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