How do you become a college football coach?

My uncle is a okay high school coach and we're watching the Meinke Car Care Bowl and this question came to mind.

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    Be a very successful high school coach moving from smaller to very large high schools. Having great high school football players who are successful in college will also put your name in the limelight.

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    Start off by talking to the coaches on your high school team about working with them and studying under them and helping them out how you can. Keep that up when looking into colleges, and--if it is practical enough for you--talk to the football coaches at the schools you go to about doing the same with them; studying under them and being their assistant. You're obviously not just going to walk onto a college program and coach them. You've got to start slow and low on the totem poll. Maybe even look into your school's middle school team and start helping the coaching staff out there. The main this is that you are going to have to show you are willing to learn under established coaches and that you will do whatever they ask. Be a quick learner, accept what they tell, and try to absorb all the information you can.

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    Most college coaches go from high school to college by becoming non-paid assistants. As they develop relationships with other coaches, they may either be promoted to step up into a paid position on the staff, or go with someone who is leaving for a promotion at another school.

    His best bet would be to look into opportunities at small schools and community colleges (NCAA DIV III or NAIA) and go from there.

    If he has NFL experience as a player, even better.

  • Maybe go to the college office they test and then you might have a chance to be a college But you're dad have to sign up!

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    work your way up in the college ranks. go to highschool first

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