Does anybody find the media's coverage of Israel funny?

The shortest headline today is "Israel Kills 6 Palestinians". Upon closer inspection, 3 of them were wanted terrorists and 3 were approaching the border. Is the headline supposed to be funny or what?

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    It's sad. We all know peace is closer to get to when starting with truth. There isn't a topic where media comes close. With Israel it's pathetic. Stuff like this is common... often with the details not obvious in the article either.

    Ex: The Washington Post got from Reuters wire tap a "father & son were killed in raid by Israel." The clip gave impression of 4 year old kid running. It was a 45 & 25 year old father & son bomb making team who's bombs had killed Israelis...who were killed when IDF when to their house to arrest them. The neighbors stated to Al-Jazeers that they'd been notified by IDF knocking on their doors to leave their houses just in case. So no one else was killed.

    And this media is supposed to be US pro-Israel bias. Europeans should be filtering their believe in their news will a fine tooth comb given it's not even claimed to be pro-Israel.

    What's even sicker is the subset of PA Arabs that are peace inclined don't get any coverage (not many of them, but still.) So the media HELPS the nut cases run the show & ruin it for both sides.


    New Gardener

    Nonsense - the news is presented by non-Israelis viewing it. Besides, I personally did research in Al-Jazeers for the details themselves (ignoring their attack twist conclusions) & found story after story in Western media was inaccurate & Al-Js details proved Israel was on decent moral ground when combined with other media details like Lebanon Star or Pal news while ignoring the gratuitous hate thrown in.


    Approaching the border means, in the off-limits security zone. Terrorists means targeted Israeli civilians, via missiles (8000+ into Sderot Israel so far), bombs whatever.

    Michael X

    They aim for arrests when going to people's houses. When militants are slinking around security borders, like in any WAR, they shoot. Where they can use megaphones, they do (read about it).

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    WOW, I can't believe the number of people saying that the media is anti-Israel. If the headline was "Hamas kills 6 Israeli's", there would be an outrage in Israel and in the media. Israel would be calling for "a new offensive against Palestinian extremists". The next day 20 Western nations would condemn Hamas for their "brutal" actions and call Israel "their best friend in fighting terror". I watched Canadian news last night and tonight and there was NO talk about Israel's killing of 6 Palestinians.

    When did execution style killing become legal anyways? And approaching the boarder? When did that become a legitimate reason to kill? If Hamas killed 3 soldiers and 3 people approaching the border I would have seen wall to wall coverage.


    Thanks Hatem,

    Many also forget that this is only the headline. When the poster says "upon closer inspection" does he mean when he actually read the article? How long should the headline be? If I saw a headline "priest charged with usage of pornography", and the headline failed to mention the sect of Christian religion does it mean that the media is now anti Catholic or anti Protestant? That's one of the dumbest arguments I've ever heard.

    Also, I'd just like to mention that Israel always says that they are "provoked" and are victims when Hamas begins to lob rockets over the border. THESE are the acts that aggravate Hamas, how can the governing leaders let things like this go and stand up for their people? I find it sad when Israeli's die too, but to say that Hamas is "unprovoked" and the "agressor" is absurd.

    Lastly, to those who say "Hamas targets civilians, and Israel doesn't"...that has to be another joke. Hamas attempts to hit military bases in Israel but how accurate can a homemade rocket be? Perhaps he should look into why one of the most sophisticated military's in the world hits only civilians during their offensives. If you want to look for terrorists look no further then the IDF.


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    Illegal occupations,struggle crimes and loss of life squads generally tend to draw a nasty press. They additionally convey improved scrutiny. That's simply the best way it's. It's humorous how any quantity of great,revered information assets abruptly flip "unreliable","biased" or "anti-Semitic" while they have got whatever dangerous to mention approximately Israel - however that is frequently given that Israel has performed whatever dangerous. If you desire to learn feedback of Islamic countries,why now not flip the web page or watch for the following object within the equal newspapers and TV stations? Always turns out to paintings for me. Edit: The Balfour Declaration does not do whatever of the sort,as you might understand if you happen to'd ever learn it. Allow me: "His Majesty's govt view with favour the established order in Palestine of a countrywide residence for the Jewish persons, and can use their exceptional endeavors to facilitate the success of this item, it being certainly understood that not anything can be performed which might prejudice the civil and devout rights of present non-Jewish groups in Palestine, or the rights and political popularity loved by way of Jews in some other nation." That's it. The Green Line or 1949 Armistice line (popularity quo ante 1967) is the foundation for negotiations for Fatah as acknowledged by way of Israel within the Oslo Accords and what every body bar a couple of extremists in Hamas and manufacturer might accept. "Israel is viewed the present occupying energy of the Golan Heights, the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip." Death squads. How else might you describe the models of Mossad which convey out further-judicial killings? And I do not consider Israeli state-sanctioned murders an issue for levity,however they're an issue of reality.

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    I do not see anything funny about the killing of 6 individuals. The first 3 was an extrajudicial killing, when they could have arrested the three and tried them in a court of law; not that I trust the Israeli judicial system any way. The other three were unarmed and were inside Palestinian territory and was blatant murder by the Israeli army.

    If you really want to analyze media coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict, you will find that Western media in general and American media in particular is ten time more biased for Israel. Journalist Alison Weir (founder of If Americans Knew) did the research which showed that American media covered Israeli casualties 10 times more than Palestinian casualties.

    Kaz: Great answer.

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    Oy vey....what paper was that? That's even 'balanced' compared to how other papers cover it (some wouldn't even have told you about the 3 terrorist suspects and 3 approaching the border)!

    Mainly, I find the grossly skewed perspective tragic--the media has influenced public opinion unfairly against Israel in more ways than people are aware of. It's sort of like in Europe--when ordinary people believed lies like blood libels as commonsensical claims that were just accepted. The media has promoted similiar lies about the Jewish state to the point where people don't even question the validity of such statements. I see this is true for a lot of answerers to these questions.

    I do find it amusing at times, when I realize that laughing about it is probably the one thing in the world that I can do...I wish other people could see how obvious some papers are, though. Some are basically just outlets for Al Jazeeria or Pallywood by now.


    Source(s): KosherNinja also has a hilarious list of BBCs Rules when covering Israel....
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    What I'd like to know is WHY Hamas and Fatah, who had a 24 hour deadline to get these people, didn't do a damn thing about it ?? Oh wait...they have no INTEREST IN JUSTICE especially when it comes to the murder of innocent Israelis but they are the FIRST TO BI%CH about it when the IDF does the job they SHOULD have.

    Too bad those idiots ( Hamas / Fatah ) are free to do what they want. All the while the UN eats up the crap they spew like starving children.

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    Media coverage of the Middle East in recent times has been so anti-Israel that it borders on the anti-Semitic. Palestinians have been getting a free ride and their questionable actions are not even scrutinized. Instead of Journalism, it is out and out propaganda.

    Source(s): I teach History and Geography
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    NO it's biased. A half truth is akin to a lie and the propaganda machine for the Palestinians is supported by the rise of Islam. The media are just playing the "Dimmi" role as demanded by the influential Muslims.

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    Just imagine the British or American police shot 6 suspects (and that's what they were) dead.

    It would be headlines in both countries and a public outcry. Have the Israel military ever heard of the power of arrest? In civilised countries these 6 Palestinians would have been charged in a court of law and either convicted or set free. But no Israel do not like laws as proved by the numerous reports to the UN Its easier for them to just shoot suspects and then deny any wrong doing.

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    Actually here in Britain this anti Israel media bias is now dangerous - during Operation Cast Lead, the facts were so MISrepresented that Jews were being physically ATTACKED in broad daylight.

    In particular the BBC and Guardian neglected to tell readers that Israel had endured ***eight years*** of Palestinian Arab terrorism and that the strikes against Hamas was a *response* TO thousands of Israeli fatalities.

    I attended meetings organised by my local MP - he held one meeting with his Muslim constituents and one with non Muslims. He told us, point blank, that British Muslims were, in his words 'BOMBARDING' all politicians with 'demands' that Britain sever all ties with Israel.

    The two or three politicians who spoke in defence of Israel got DEATH THREATS.

    Here's another example of media bias against Israel:



    Some great resources for facts on Israel:

    Thanks, great question :)

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