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What is Globulin? What Does it Mean if I Have a Low Globulin Level?

My father got a bunch of test results back from his doctor and everything was alright except his Globulin Level. His is at 1.0 and the normal range is 2.0 - 4.0 so what does this mean? is this bad?

Please if anyone can help, its appreciated.

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    Globulins are a type of protein in our serum (blood). They are multiple types and have different functions. The majority of them have to do with immune system (to fight infections and regulate immunity). Sometimes they are low in liver disease or some immune deficiencies (sometimes hereditary), sometimes low when you're losing protein in the urine...

    The next step, other than a repeat, would be a protein electropheresis (a test that tells you exactly what type of Globulin is causing the low level) and then you can be more specific about the causes and the consequences...

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    Possible injury/damage to the liver. Other signs/symptoms?

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