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with three baby oscar fish, how big my tank shoud be?

i have 3 oscar fish and ryt now i kept them in a 9 gallon fish tank. how big should my tank be if want them to grow big??


btw my baby oscars are about 2 inches.

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    a55 gallon should hold them for about a year by then thell be adults bout 7-8 inches which means upgard to a 90 gallon since u have three the weaker 1 will get eat up by the other 2 which will prob make u giv away 1 but they ma not fight which means youll need a 120- 150 gallon

    Source(s): i have an oscar 4 inches convict cihlid and a birchir
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  • 1 decade ago

    Since they are just BABIES, 9 gallons is ok FOR A WHILE!!!! Feed them high quality pellets,flakes & live mosquito larvae + small earthworms if possible.Raw meat(chopped liver & beef heart) is also in the option & dont forget there shud be GOOD water filtration.Within a very short time they will grow upto 3,4 or maybe even 5 inches & THEN you should move them to an atleast 30 gallon tank. Hope this works coz it worked 4 me.

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  • Ianab
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    1 decade ago

    Plan on about 90gal for a pair of adults. As they mature it's likely a pair will form, and they will kill the 'spare wheel', so be prepared to seperate them as they get bigger.

    In good conditons those fish could be close to a foot long in 12 months, so dont bother with medium sized tanks, go for a decent size now. You probably have 1 or 2 months in that tiny tank before you start affecting their growth and health.

    If you cant get a tank that size, return them now before you kill them.


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