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my alterd cb deck pleas rate it?

i dont have hammon so my crystal beast deck might suck please tell me if i need any cards removed


rainbow dragon

crystal beast cobalt eagle,3

crystal beast ruby carbuncle,3

crystal beast amber mammoth,3

crystal beast amethyst cat,3

crystal beast emerald tortoise,3

crystal beast saphire pegasus,3

crystal beast topaz tiger,3


mystical space typhoon

lightning vortex,2

book of moon

crystal promise,2

crystal beacon,2

crystal blessing,2

crystal abundance,2


ancient city- rainbow ruins,2


rainbow gravity

rainbow path

magic jammer,2

dust tornado,3

mirror force

scrap iron scarcrow

draining sheild

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    First of all, definitely don't use 3 of all the beasts. It's a waste of space. Try this:

    Pegasus x 3

    Carbuncle x 3

    Tiger x 3

    Cat x 2

    Eagle x 1

    Mammoth x 2

    Tortoise x 2

    A lot of people like the eagle and use 2 or 3, and put himself or Pegasus back on top of the deck, but honestly, you clog your draws with monsters you already had on the field - conceptually, a bad decision. Use other cards to pull out Pegasus and the rest.

    I would recommend 2 Rainbow Dragons, but he's the money card and you may just not have access to another one, which is fine, and means you'll need to use Rainbow Path.

    I would recommend Sangan as well as some tuners, like Krebons or Rose, or another four-star. Krebons is nice because he has his own protection.

    Other monsters to think about might be Anteatereatingant and Kuraz the Light Monarch, putting two in the spell zones and drawing two. The ant can be a little inconsistent though.


    MST x 1

    Lightning Vortex x 1

    Crystal Promise x 1

    Crystal Beacon x 3

    Crystal Blessing x 2

    Crystal Abundance x 2

    Ancient City x 3

    Terraforming x 1

    My Body As A Shield x 1

    Crystal Release x 1

    Crystal Tree x 1


    Rainbow Path x 1

    Magic Jammer x 1 (Replace with Dark Bribe if you can)

    Mirror Force x 1

    Threatening Roar x 3

    Bottomless Trap Hole x 2

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