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How can I get Dita Von Teese/Evan Rachel Woods' pale skin tone? Without using heavy makeup?

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    well unfortunately if you dont already have a pale skintone then your probably gonna have to use makeup but just buy a really pale foundation and powder...i think that's your best chance

    sorry i wasn't much help!

    Good Luck!

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    Wear sunscreen everytime you go out to lighten your skin. Maybe use some whitening creams? I suggest Fair & Lovely; it's an Indian fairness cream which is full of vitamins and good for your skin. Although it's only available at Indian Corner Stores.

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    I have medium/fair skin, compared to my other people in the same nationality.

    Ever since I found out what happens to grapes when become raisins, I've stayed out of the sun, because I don't want to look like raisins, and because I have dark hair, I don't want to have moles on my neck & face, like my aunts.

    Dita & Evan are naturally beautiful pale skinned women, it's probably in their genes. But like me, they knew that the sun is damaging to their skin, so they protect them and kept them covered or that they have sensitive skin (like me & people like me with Discoid Lupus), so they avoid being out in the sun as much during daytime. My neighbor loves her skin so much, she only go out at night, when the sun comes down, and she's got beautiful pale skin. Using lotion to protect you from Ultra violet is not the same, because they STAIN your skin for good.

    In the car, I always have my wide brim hat, and outside I have my wide brim hat to protect me. I wear long sleeves, when I'm outside sailing.

    Catherine, I've seen her wore black long sleeves when she plays golf, she's got beautiful skin.

    Source(s): Good luck!
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