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If you tell your therapist you constsntly have suicidal thoughts, do they have to call the cops?

Are they legally required to tell the cops or your family?


I am 27 years old and not on medication. I am attending a cognative behavioral therapust.

Update 2:

I don't wan't to kill myself, but when things get really really bad, which seems to be happening more and more lately, I keep flashing on the idea of ending it all. It goes away usually quickly, but the thoughts keep coming when bad things happen. I don't want to say it to my therapist, and have him over-react and put me in a hospital or call the cops just because of the thoughts.

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    first they will assess how likely they think it is that you will act on those thoughts. this is based on, what methods you are thinking of (if you don't have a method it is good, if it is something that a lower percentage of people die from like OD it is better than say a gun to the head) on your family history, they will probably ask you if any family members have killed themselves (some sources say that suicide is 40% inheritable) if you have attempted suicide before, and on your current state of mind.

    even if they think you are diffidently going to do it, they still might not call the police, they might escort you to a mental hospital or to a normal hospital, or they might just call for the police to escort you to the mental hospital (you won't be arrested, you have done nothing wrong)

    if they don't think you are likely to act on those thoughts in between when you tell them and the next time you see them, they might adjust your meds, advise that you admit yourself to a mental hospital, intensify your sessions, give you their home phone number and chrisis phone numbers.

    my advice, if i can offer it to you, is that you should tell him/her. You will not get into legal trouble and depending on your age they shouldn't tell your family unless you are actually admitted to a mental hospital (in which case i don't know if they'll tell or not). Anything is better than ending your life, i'm sure your family would be happier to see you in a mental hospital than in the morgue. Don't hinder your chances at life because you're scared, you have so much to offer.

    Source(s): EDIT: from what you just described, i really doubt that your therapist would put you into a mental hospital. it's what your there for, to get help. telling him would be a good idea
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    Your therapist is is required to keep everything you tell them private and between you two. You should be able to tell them everything so that they can better help you. They have a strict code of ethics that they must follow, and that includes privacy and confidence. They won't disclose anything you tell them unless it indicates a real and immediate danger to other people. If you told them you planned to take a gun to work and kill everyone, they would have to call the cops on that, but only if they were sure you were serious.

    Trust your therapist. They have your best interest in mind. If you are thinking of suicide, they should definitely know!

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    I don't know your age, but if you are under 18, they may be obliged to talk with your parents.

    The only reason why the police would be called is if you are actively threatening to kill yourself, and refuse treatment. if you cannot contract for safety (to NOT harm yourself), and refuse to go to the hospital or doctor for treatment--they may. I'm not positive. I work in a psych hospital , so I see patients 'after' they have come to our facility.

    Is your therapist a psychiatrist or a psychologist?

    Are you on medication? If so, are you taking it, and is it not helping?

    A doctor is obliged to help their patients--and if you are 'constantly' having suicidal feelings/thoughts, then you need some type of intervention to help you feel better.

    Source(s): psychiatric hospital healthcare for 23 yrs now
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    you will basically be admitted to a psych ward in the adventure that your therapist believes you to be a immediately probability to your self and/or others. probability is however, she would be in a position of advise drugs, maximum possibly alongside the lines of an SSRI (antidepressant) which includes Prozac, Celexa, and so on. considering the severity and consistency of the ideas you have been having, taking something to ease that burden would be a favorable factor for you. i might advise beginning your ideas to that probability and seeing the place it takes you. actually tell your therapist approximately all this however. you have no longer something to be embarrassed approximately in any respect, and you should get help. you're well worth it, you relatively are. opposite to what you may think of, your loss of life might impression so plenty extra human beings than you in all probability comprehend. Plus, life is so well worth dwelling regardless of all of this. it relatively is. and that i comprehend, as a results of fact I conflict with suicide ideation daily of my life besides, to the quantity than I actual have in reality tried numerous cases to kill myself, and function been hospitalized for it. in simple terms believe me in this one. i comprehend you will make it, so carry close in there!

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    No but, they are responsible for your health and it's part of their oath to help, aide and protect you, to bring no harm. So, that leaves a lot of room for thought. Doesn't it ?

    I'm sure if the therapist thought you were a danger to yourself or someone else they would confer with someone that would help make the decision or refer you to someone else with a higher degree of understanding to decide what your available to do. Your health is at risk or someone else may be in danger.

    Source(s): Former MedLab Technologist supervisor (retired)
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    Only if they are convinced that you intent on acting on those feelings. I told my therapist before that I wanted to kill myself but that I would never go through with it, just that I felt like I wanted to die. And he said he wasn't going to let anyone know because he didn't feel like I was actually going to do anything dangerous.

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    They are only required to alert the authorities if they feel you are a danger to yourself or others.

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    Being cops is a wondered at line of work

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    if you are a minor they must tell your parents.

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