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有誰可以幫我翻譯一段文章 (不要網站翻譯的


拜託!! 有點小急



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  • 1 decade ago
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    Similarly also has the strange case in Virginia, the post office layer on layer is surrounded together by the police vehicle. Virginia police: “I can say am, probably in the afternoon 2.30 points, holds a gun the public figure to enter the post office, his also number gun.” Sat wheelchair's man, the body has tied the arms 2.3 kilograms bombs, held a gun to abduct in the post office 5 hostages, but his such big movement's demand actually was only wants to eat one pisa, did not have anybody to be injured finally fortunately, the police arrested this scoundrel, the event have ended safely


  • 1 decade ago



    Have blame case, police car tight encirclement post office too in Virginia .

    Virginiaperson is alert: ' what I can say is, at about 30 past 2 in the afternoon, one holds a gun the personage enters the post office, he has

    also opened rifles of counting.

    A man who takes wheelchair, tie 2.3 kilograms of bomb on one's body, abduct 5 hostages at the post office with a gun, the demand of so great movement of hises hopes to eat Pizza, it is a blessing no one is injured finally, police have arrested this ruffian, the incident lowers the curtain safely.

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