Bringing kids to the San Diego Comic Convention 2010?

I am deciding whether I should bring both my nephews to next years San Diego Comic Con. The ages are 8 and 4. I've heard that it is quite packed there. Does anyone have any experiences taking their kids there or suggestions? Thank you


I guess it will be too much for the four year old, if I bring him.

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    Well, San Diego Comic Con has been sold out of tickets for the past 2 years and it looks like it'll be the same this year. There are some things the kids may enjoy, for example the nickelodeon booth had a giant screen where they were playing spongebob episodes and later Tom Kenny (voice of Spongebob) gave a concert. There is childcare available at the convention, however it is expensive. If you plan on having the kids with you the entire time, They are going to get worn out cause of how huge the convention center is. When my little sister was 9, she pooped out after a few hours, it's just so much excitement for a kid to take.

    There is a kid programming day, usually Sunday, when there are many events focused towards little kids, and Sunday usually isn't as packed as friday and Saturday. If you're planning on bringing them just one day, then that Sunday would be the ideal day for them.

    Source(s): Have gon there for the past 4 years
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    no. never kids at a comic con it would be madness and chris hanson would be catching a otaku pederast(pedophile) . mm yeah it cool for children to be there unless their like the shittes at walmart. then never

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    They will be bored, for it is crowded and noisy and nothing of direct interest to them

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