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Will swimming build muscle?

I'm planning on starting to go swimming once or twice a week from the new year.

I'm 14, and very slim and scrawny. I don't really have any visible muscle and i never do any proper exercise (other than walking about), so will this lack of exercise and fat mean i could gain some muscle mass?

When i tense my abs, i can definitely feel them when i rub them, but they're not actually visible. I've read that swimming tones. Will swimming help give definition to my abs?

I'll probably aim to do a kilometer or two so each session, so based on this, how long would you think it would take to see some noticeable results?

My preferred swimming technique is breast stroke. Is breast stroke the best stroke to use? Which stroke should i use?

Really, I'm just seeking to get a bit more active and make my body look nicer.

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    Swimming will tone and define your muscles and they will build up, but not "bulk up", if you understand the difference.

    You probably need to swim 2k to start and work your way up to at least 5k to make a noticeable difference

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    Yes. look at Michael phelps. When he was younger he was scrawny/ Swimming builds slim muscle. SO in other words. You will gain massive muscle the more you train and it will be visible but it wont be body builder big. Just because your muscle is slim doesn't mean its not strong. Yes it will definitely tone your abs. If your only going to swim 1-2000 yards like twice a week it'll probably take a few weeks for noticeable results. If you swim 4, 000 yards you will get more results faster. :) start at your own pace tho. Breaststroke is a nice stroke. What are you trying to gain from it though? Here are the pros of each stroke...

    Butterfly~ Gives you great ab strength. Back, shoulders, and arms will also have a Great workout from butterfly. it will help show your muscle more and help you with strength. (butterfly is a good stroke but you have to take it a little at a time. It is the hardest stroke.)

    Backstroke~ Very good for toning out you obliques. gives you a nice muscular curved torso. It puts great muscle on your legs especially the more you swim it. The longer you kick and the longer you feel the burn the more muscle you will gain. remember THE BURN IS YOUR FRIEND :D

    Breaststroke~ VERY good on toning the inside of your muscles. (inner thigh..etc) It will give you great for arm strength and will stretch out your body. It will be good on your calf's, although you shouldn't do it ALL the time. you could form tendinitis in your knee from excessive breaststroke.

    Freestyle~Freestyle workout every single muscle in your body. You will add muscle do every part of your body. It is a stroke you can train all the time. Its great for toning, relaxing, sprinting etc

    Swimming burns really any fat as long as you keep a healthy diet, especially since you wont be training every day.

    You have any questions feel free to email :)

    Swim hard. xo

    Source(s): 13-14 girl competitive swimmer. I have good muscle :))
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    Swimming will help tone your body but swimming alone will not build your muscles that much. I swam for 6+ years and did water polo for 4 years. Swimming's a great workout since it is a bilateral sport and helps as a cardiovascular exercise. If you're looking to build muscles, you'll need to lift weights, do some conditioning (a mixture of swimming and running), and exercise often (perhaps 3 times a week at the minimum). However, I was noticeably more toned during water polo season.

    For the abs, crunches will help - I did about 500 each day before practice during warmups but again swimming alone will not get you visible abs. Push-ups will also help for your upper body - I did 100 each day during warmups. If you're just seeking to be more active and get a little bit more toned, swimming is great. But you'll need to lift some weights if you're looking to build muscles.

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    Swimming can build muscle when done right. And when it does, it wont do it radically-the changes will be toning, and very small if its muscle building. More muscle building effect comes from weightlifting and circuit training. However, weightlifting in teen years is not very beneficial-hormone levels can force your body into a catabolic state. A catabolic state is where you get muscle loses, not gains. However, by the time you are around 16, you start getting natural muscle gains because of the hormone levels.

    There is no set stroke for the biggest improvement in muscle gains. All the strokes work different muscles. You have to mix them around to feel the benefit of all of them. Breast stroke is great for the shoulders and some of the back, but front crawl and butterfly is beneficial for the back, shoulders, chest and triceps (back of the arm, used for straightening the arm), whilst backstroke is beneficial to the front of the arm, back anf shoulders. By adding some front crawl/butterfly and backstroke to your swimming, you can feel the greater benefits.

    Swimming isnt really beneficial to the abs, although the rotations in a proper stroke will use the abdominal core muscles. To build abs, its sit ups, crunches and press ups, im afraid. That's how i got my six pack-hard work, which unfortunately wasnt in the pool.

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    At 14 your hormones have not come in full force to aid the building of muscle mass.

    Swimming is the best overall exercise anyone can do and yes it does build muscle but it's long lean muscle and especially heart and lung..

    You body should change radically between 14 and 18 and 18 and 20.

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    Two hours a week is going to be a very long haul. Swimming, or any exercise for that matter, will burn calories. Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do to add muscle bulk, but you are going to need to double or triple your workout for the results it sounds like you want.

    For example i swim 4-5 times a week and i built my muscles in 2months!

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    Look at Michael Phelp! Great Swimmer, great bod!! Any kind of exercise will help you gain muscle and also eating the right kinds of foods are very important such as: carbs (sphgetti, lots of fruits and veggies, nuts grains etc.) Try doing a different workout or sport everyday. Swimming will definately make you thinner but you will gain muscle.

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    Swimming will build muscle and you will get stronger arms, and legs, and lungs. And I'm sure it will tone you as well but to get the things you are looking for i would recommend doing crunches and sit ups and bench presses or push ups or get some dumbbells and do some curling. Hope this helps :]

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    Swimming is a great muscle builder and toner but it all depends on how much you do and how intense the workouts are, that will vary your results and how quick you'll get them

    Source(s): swimmer
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