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What does the term "Building Castles in the Air" mean?

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    It means daydreaming. If I am "building castles in the air" I am dreaming grandiose dreams without any foundation.

    Building castles in the air is NOT however to be confused with dreaming big dreams and then planning through the steps necessary to make those dreams a reality.

    Dreaming is the place to begin to make a successful life. Having dreamed however, one does have to wake up and make it happen.

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    Building Castles In The Air

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    If someone is building castles in the air, they are planning on doing something or having something happen that has no foundation. e.g. Sally smiled at Bob, Bob now starts planning what their lives will be like together and already thinks she'll say yes if he proposes marriage. that is building a castle in the air, it's a little exaggerated but that's basically what it means. To build a castle in the air is to build your chain of thought or decide what your actions will be based upon nothing or a very fragile something.

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    The idiom "building castles in the air" means to daydream or to make plans that can never come true.


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