I'm looking for the Yolo County (California) inmate roster?

I got a call at 6:00 in the morning from the Yolo County jail. Only the person couldn't leave a name or short message or even talk to me 'cause I would have to set up an account to talk to this person. I think I might know who it could be 'cause they did this once before. I'm trying to see if it is them through the online in custody roster, but I can't find it. I can find the one for the county I live in, but not Yolo county. I tried the phone number and it said it's been disconnected. Is there some way I can find a list of the inmates? Thanks!

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    Each county keeps their own roster, and each sets their own policies on how to access it. Many counties in CA do not maintain an on-line roster either for lack of funding, lack of necessity, privacy concerns, or other reasons. You can always give the Yolo county jail a call, ask if they have an on-line roster, or simply say "I'm trying to verify if {name} is in your custody. Can you please verify it for me?"

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    Try this website. VINElink is a website where you can register to see when an inmate is released.

    It is really set up for victims but anyone can use it. There is a number you can call for statewide info.

    Here is the number for the Yolo Detention Center:

    Minimum Security Facility

    - Leinberger Center

    (530) 668-5254

    Is that the one you called?

    Hope that helps


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    Phone the jail and just ask if he's an inmate.

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