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EX BF PROBLEM....... horrible </3 ill appreciate it?

I’m 13. This Guy added me on facebook. we had 200 mutual friends his profile picture was so ugly. He went to my school. He was a year older. he started talking to me and kept texting me i got annoyed but whatever. I didn’t really know him. His face was familiar though. He asked me to be his secret girlfriend I agreed. We broke up the next day. me and my friends would always make fun of his profile picture and how he texts me 100 times a day with horrible grammar.. He asked me out a week later I said yea. That night I had a dream we were sitting together snuggling and holding hands. A week after i met up with him. He was so HOT! he looked exactly like he was in my dream. he didn’t talk. he was so shy! my friend told me not to talk to freaks so pulled me away when i turned around he was walking away. We texted our feeling and got back together. We went out for dinner. Then walked in the dark. I got to know him so well. We made plans the day after he had so much to say. We fell in love we held hands and snuggled (just like in my dream). One day I was with my friends and he kissed me on the cheek. they told me i was moving too fast. We had an agreement to stay prude till sophomore year. But i kissed him anyway. My friends found out and aren’t allowed to talk to me because their parents think im bad. i didn’t care cause i still had him. One day he told me he wanted to be secretly dating. I said fine. I knew the reason was because his friends thought I was ugly. It was hard to hangout, since he was always with his friends. so we didn’t. I decided to breakup with him because it wasnt working out. We talked after. A month after i decided to ignore him cause i wanted to get over him. He would keep texting me "wsp" after 10 "wsps" he told me he loved me i told him i love him back. The next day he was with his friends so started to be rude when he texted me i said fine don’t talk to me. i found out all my old friends love him and he went out with 2 of them. I forgave him and now we talk once in a while. He told my old best friends that is now my enemy that he hates my guts and regrets going out with me i asked him if its true he denied ever saying that. I forgave him but still believe he said it. i still love him.

a week after he told me i love you. than the next day we were talking he told me why everyone thinks we made out i said idk i told him he was my green-eyed lover he told me he only wants to be friends and he said he meant "i love you" as a friend i told him no he didnt and he cant just change his mind. my friend told me to tell him that i like him as a friend too so i sed "ha! i like you just as a friend too" than he said "i love you right u think u can control me but you cant ok" i got so confused but understood he was playing with my head again i told him enough with lying and changing your mind he sed "u never say anything sweet or nice that why people hate u" he crushed me. i told him i didn’t want everything to get to personal so i told him bye. in school my old friend told me he told her he hates me and that shes dating him. i know she was kidding bout the dating part to make me jealous but i knew the hating part was true. Than he texted me "wsp" i sed "im a btsh and u hate me" he sed "stfu i nvr called u a btsh" i sed "bye. dont start" than an hour after he texted me "wsp" i ignored him he kept saying "wat did i do wrong" than i told him they hes telling people he hates me hes lke "wtf r u saying" than i told him "she told me you hate me and that your dating her" hes like "yea im dating her" I CRYED FOR 10 hours because me when we were friends she always talked about how weird he is. in school i found out they were both lying about dating to make me jealous. I got her to admit it. He doesn’t stop texting her. I miss him so much. I cry every day because he doesn’t text me anymore and he always lied to me and talks about me behind my back to her. I miss everything we were. Now I have a few friends that aren’t so close to me because I lost 6 of my best friends who now kicked me out of our clique. I have nowhere to go. No one to trust. I lost so much. I can never let him go. I miss him. All he thinks of is my old best friend. he texts her 24-7 and im afraid he might ask her out. PLEASE HELP

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    Hunnnnyy, Your 13.!

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    i know it seems like a big deal now but your only 13. this guy is just immature and if he loved you he wouldnt have intentionally hurt you so many'll get over him but you cant keep going back to him. your friends are immature. you'll find new ones. they are not true friends if they did that. don't talk to him and don't even look t him if you see him. it will make him wonder maybe he will ask why your doing that but dont answer. just foget about him.that he even exsisted because ur better off. your not even in high school yet.

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    wow well first of all, i'm pretty sure i'm going to be the only response you get at all becuase that was so dang long!

    and second of all.FORGET HIM!

    he's aboslutly no good!

    look for better friends.

    i'm PoSiTiVe that there are better people out there that will gladly take you in.

    dont worry about 'populatity'!

    please dont talk to him again,he's just messing with you. you're sooo much better then him! he's gonna come around and realize what a mistake he's made messing with you so much.

    but go find another guy! there's plenty out there!

    just forget about him, and get better friends, thats the advice i have for you hun.

    good luck


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    HEY ! take it easy!

    as you said you're 13 and , i understand you are worried.

    but i'm 23 !!! and i'm also a you are. i tell you as a girl,who had more than 1 bf before,and know many things about boys,i tell you that JUST FORGET HIM . he's a big lier and not good.

    FORGET ABOUT WHY YOU BROKE AND that he likes your friend or not ! no matter !

    you are kind and you never lie.

    but your friends brpke up with you and left you alone for him,that's sad but as you said, they liked him!

    so they were not happy to see you with him ;)

    it's fine to see you have new friends,so start new relationships and i'm sure after time goes on,you'll meet better guys to love.

    about your dream : don't trust dreams ! just smile at them and forget when you woke up!


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    You're only 13...I'm 15 and I've never had a girlfriend or been kissed. Just give it time, love comes when you least expect it.

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    ******* 13 year olds..get a life

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