does anybody know status of some of the elderly country music stars?

such as ages and whereabouts of such singer as hank jr., jerry reed, glen campbell, barbara mandrell and any others. i do remember thank faron young commited suicide. i am wondering

what year that was and do we know why he wanted to end his life. also my favorite of all time is george strait. what is his age, and does he still do concert dates?

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    Jerry Reed died 9/1/08 of emphysema. Faron Young committed suicide in December 1996. He had prostate cancer and other health problems.

    The elderly country singers:

    Johnnie Wright (95) - retired

    Kitty Wells (90) - retired

    Oscar Sullivan (90) - retired

    Little Jimmy Dickens (just turned 89) - still performing at the Grand Ole Opry

    Wilma Lee Cooper (88) - retired due to a stroke. She is supposedly okay but not well enough to perform.

    Doc Watson (86) - not in the best of health. Still hosts MerleFest every year and tours.

    Claude King (85) - health is not good, he just stopped full-time performing earlier this decade because of his health

    Marvin Rainwater (84) - still performing

    Earl Scruggs (84) - semi-retired

    Slim Whitman (84) - still performing, and in good health (had to deny rumors about his death two years ago)

    Kenny Roberts (83) - haven't heard about him in ages, most likely retired

    Ray Price (83) - in excellent health, still touring. I saw him last March and he was dynamite!

    Ferlin Husky (82) - having health issues, was hospitalized twice in 2008 for pneumonia and heart-related ailments; however, he still performs in Branson.

    Carl Smith (82) - retired, although rumored to be making an album with his daughter, Carlene Carter.

    Charlie Louvin (82) - still performing

    Jimmy Dean (81) - retired

    Jesse McReynolds (80) - still performing (his brother Jim died several years ago of cancer)

    Leroy Van Dyke (80) - healthy and touring every summer on a "Country Gold" concert tour. DO NOT miss this show if you get a chance!

    Sonny James (80) - retired

    Frankie Miller (79) - unsure, may still be performing

    Jack Greene (79) - still performing

    Buck White (79) - in good health, still touring

    Bobby Osborne of the Osborne Brothers (78) - still touring. Brother Sonny (73) has retired.

    Billy Edd Wheeler (77) - unsure

    Stonewall Jackson (77) - in good health, still touring

    Mel Tillis (77) - in good health, still touring

    Melvin Goins (76) - still performing

    Roy Clark (76) - still performing, inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2009

    Stu Phillips (76) - still performing

    Jim Ed Brown (75) - in good health, still performing (saw him with his sisters this year, best show I've seen this decade)

    Hazel Dickens (74) - still performing, long live the queen of bluegrass!

    Bobby Bare (74) - in good health, still performing (I've seen him twice in the last year)

    Loretta Lynn (74) - in good health despite what the tabloids say, and still touring

    Charlie Daniels (73) - in good health, performing and making GEICO commercials

    Doug Kershaw (73) - still performing

    Glen Campbell (73) - in good health, still performing

    Tom T. Hall (73) - in good health, still performing

    Red Steagall (72) - still performing

    Bill Anderson (72) - in good health, still touring

    Merle Haggard (72) - in good health, still touring

    Wanda Jackson (72) - in good health, still performing

    George Hamilton IV (72) - in good health, still performing

    Ronnie Prophet (71) - stll performing

    Norma Jean (71) - still performing (I saw her at Porter Wagoner's memorial, she looks great)

    Don Williams (70) - still performing

    Ray Stevens (70) - in good health, still performing

    Barbara Mandrell is 61 on Christmas day, hardly an "elderly" performer. She was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2009. George Strait is 57 and still tours. May he never stop, country music needs him!

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    the only thing i am certain about is that Randy Travis is still doing concerts and he is and oldie. But if that is not what you wanted here you go:

    George Strait-

    age:57 years (born May 18, 1952)

    and he does still do concerts

    And that faron person killed him self in December of 1996 and i think he did because of the pain of cancer. Will that help any?

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  • 3 years ago

    sure, there helpful have been many usa/western artists for the period of the 50's and 60's and dissimilar them have been somewhat powerful at merchandising albums and singles and getting human beings again to stay overall performance.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if im not mistaken, george strait is gonna be touring with my fav artist, reba mcentire, soon. or maybe that wuz just a rumor. idk

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