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What are some NORMAL words that contain bad words in them? Ie: assistance (a$s)?

What are some NORMAL words that contain bad words in them?

I was trying to register for a GTA IV online account, and it says "Your name has banned words in it"

I said "No it does not? Since when was 'Titanium' a bad word?"

Then I saw..... "Tit....." OMG, that has to be the stupidest auto bad language detector ever.

First of all, tit is not even that bad of a word, it means Tit, Teat, Nipple, Breast, not bad words, it all depends on how you use them (you could make any word bad by the way you use it).

Second of all, GTA IV is an M rated game, you can kill cops and civilians, get a hooker, beat a person with a baseball bat, use REAL bad language, run people over, even get a lap dance! And your telling me a word like tit has to be banned?! (in online you can yell at another player "Fcuk off Betch")

If your not mature enough to read "tit", then you should not even get to play a Teen rated game.

I bet Rockstar banned tit because they secretly know that little 12 year olds will play the game regardless of the M rating.

So I want to send a complaint to Rockstar Games and I want to include as many words as possible that have bad words in them (like Titanium, or Assistance) to show them just now silly and immature this matter is.


Oh, "Fun" is a bad word, it says "F U"

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    fυck it, there are so many for tιt and asѕ

    antitax, apatite, biotite, bushtit, entitle, intitle, partita, partite, petites, ratites, retitle, tectite, tektite, titania, titanic, titbits, titfers, tithers, tithing, titians, titlark, titling, titlist, titmice, titrant, titrate, titters, titties, tittles, tittups, titular, tomtits, vastity

    amassed, amasser, amasses, assagai, assails, assault, assayed, assayer, assegai, assents, asserts, assigns, assists, assizes, asslike, assoils, assorts, assuage, assumed, assumer, assumes, assured, assurer, assures, assuror, asswage, babassu, bagasse, bassets, bassist, bassoon, biassed, biasses, biomass, brassed, brasses, brassie, canvass, carcass, cassaba, cassata, cassava, cassena, cassene, cassias, cassina, cassine, cassino, cassock, chassed, chasses, chassis, classed, classer, classes, classic, classis, classon, compass, crasser, crassly, cuirass, cutlass, dassies, declass, embassy, eyasses, gassers, gassier, gassing, glassed, glasses, glassie, grassed, grasses, hassels, hassium, hassled, hassles, hassock, impasse, jackass, jassids, jiveass, kvasses, lassies, lassoed, lassoer, lassoes, massage, masseur, massier, massifs, massing, massive, matrass, megasse, morassy, oquassa, outpass, passade, passado, passage, passant, passels, passers, passing, passion, passive, passkey, quasses, quassia, quassin, rassled, rassles, rubasse, sassaby, sassier, sassies, sassily, sassing, subbass, surpass, tassels, tassets, tassies, trasses, vassals, vinasse, wassail, wiseass, wrasses, wrassle, zebrass etcetera

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    Old Testament

    A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.

    Proverbs xxii. 1.

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