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my teenage sister has hairy legs n she wear minishorts at home n its an eyesore so how do i tell her tactfully?

she wears mini athletic shorts and singlet tank top lounging at home most of the time. (we live in a tropical city therefore its summer all year round, therefore we dress light)

she's in her teens n due to purberty, her legs have grown hairier, and she has hair under her arms.

but she does not shave them.

everytime i see them i feel its an eyesore

but i do not know how to go about telling her to shave them, without embarassing the both of us.

so what should i do?

My parents will not bother because they work late and come home late every night.

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  • Kriss
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    are your parents forbidding her to shave? because this is really basic grooming that your mother should be dealing with.

    and if your mom is alright with your sister shaving, maybe it's your sister who doesn't want to shave (if you're offended by hairy women, do yourself a favor and never go to Europe, it's more common for women there to NOT shave than it is for them to shave. and yes, even the hot women don't shave.)

    If you are a girl (and your parents are alright w/ your sister shaving) then you can be the big sister and tell her that now that she's a young woman she may want to start shaving her legs and under her arms and you can buy her a razor and show her how.

    If you are a boy then you tell your mother that she may want to talk to your sister about shaving because she is getting pretty hairy and may run into harrassment in the locker room w/ the other girls. But you, yourself keep you nose out of your sister's grooming habits. It's inappropriate for you to go there when it's not a hygiene issue. This is a grooming issue and a cultrual issue but it's not about being lax or unclean. If it were about being unclean then men would be shaving off their body hair too. This is why you mind your own business.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ermm. Tell her... She's hairier than a monkey. :), Nah, only joking. If you're a boy, then tell her you're hairy. ORRRR.... Since it's christmas, give her a gift ;)

    Give her: a razor blade or the shaving thingies for ladies and rap them in whatever. She'll get the point. or just tell her to wear a really long skirt.

    or speak to her nicely and say, you need to shave :)


  • ?
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    well go about saying you know that the french girls don't shave there legs are there arms pits. then say are you try there way?then see what she says.may be she likes the way she is.or may be she dose not know how she looks and no one has told her yet.some times you have to say some thing just to get a person to look at them self's.and some times you have to embarrass them just to get them to do the right that's the way i would go about do that.that's my advice to you. your friend fred

  • i + i
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    I'm sure her girl friends have already mentioned, probably many times. It's her choice and you need to respect it. Besides, think about why you think it's an eyesore... you've obviously bought in to the stereotype of what is acceptable on a female.

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  • Anonymous
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    she is your sister. there is no embarrassment. just tell her she is a hairy mongrell and needs to use a razor. she might get mad, but she will get over it. and teach her how to use shaving cream and whatnot. be a good sis. good luck.

    sorry i assumed you were female. but even if you are male you could tell her the same way. you just can't demonstrate leg shaving.

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    just say things like "youre getting older now, and that comes with some responsibilities. you might noy always like them, but they are things that need to be done. for example, now that youre older youre going to have to start shaving. i mean, i do it too."

    or something like that.

  • 1 decade ago

    some women love the natural look..being sensitive..just sit down and ask her about her own views in shaving..and start from there..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Are you both sisters ? or brother and sister ?

    If you are her sister , just look at her legs and advise her about her hygiene.

    If you are a male , ask you mom to advise her .

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    Just tell her straight up that what i would do.But don't do in a way that will make her mad or cry.Or just write a note.Or give her a hint that she need to shave them.

  • CoeyG
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    1 decade ago

    It is HER body so it is HER choice if she WANTS to shave her legs. I suggest that if YOU don't like how they look...Don't look at them.

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