im moving to perth,australia and im scared that my dog will get bitten by a spider or something while im out?

you know like when noone is in the house i leave my dog but im scraed she will get bitten by a redback or something ! how high is the chance of this/

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    don't worry, i live in Perth and have both dogs and cats my whole life and not one has been bitten by a spider. every house will have daddy long leg's which aren't harmful to dogs and you will have the occasional red-back outside but their webs are very distinct, they are straight and very strong, just make sure you spray it. if on the unlikely chance that your dog does get bitten just take it to the vet straight away and it should be all fine.

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    don't worry about it, I've had dogs all my life and none have ever been bitten by a redback, redback's aren't viscious, they will leave you alone if you leave them alone. Most people get bitten because they don't see them when doing something in the garden.

    The older perth areas rarely have them, where I live we have them but it really is not a problem. We go red back hunting a few times a year at night and kill them all. We find the best way to kill them is with a shoe, the spray does not kill them immediately, so there is a chance your dog would come and examine it when it falls to the floor, so make sure you kill them outright.

    The best thing about perth is that it's a great safe place to own a dog. We all have enclosed yards so our dogs can be outside when they want. If you have a small dog you can even have a flap so they can go outside/inside by themselves.

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    To put your mind at ease, we have Maybe 3 dangerous spiders in wa, if your dog is bitten all the vets have anti-venom for snake & spider bites so please don't get scared i've been in wa for 44 years & none of my animals have ever been bitten by anything. you have no worries about anything over here.

    Red backs are not that dangerous unless your dog is really old or suffer any type of heart condition people get bitten all the time it's not a serious thing anymore & the chances of getting bitten are very low redback like dark secluded places, i hope this will put your mind at rest & enjoy your stay in wa

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    Someone really should be with her when she is giving birth - and dogs more often than not have their puppies at night. Puppies and their mother do get into trouble, and you owe it to her to either be there or find someone who knows what to do who can be. If she is close to having the puppies - by a week or less, you should be taking her temperature and watching - it will drop a point or so about 24 hours before she delivers, and then go back up. Do you have all the 'stuff' you need to have these puppies? She should have newspaper to rip up, and a private room with NO intruders, a safe box to have her puppies in, and a big bol of puppy food for herself to feed her growing babies, along with a boiwl of fresh water all the time. You need to be prepared - and make sure you have everything you and she will need, the most important being communication with your vet when her temp dips so you know that your vet will be available when you need them.

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    There's probably a higher probability that you will be run over by a bus while you're out than your dog being bitten....

    We live on acreage & our dog has been bitten by red bellied black snakes...the first one made her sick ...the second one didn't get a real chance to sink the fangs in & the third was mince meat before it realised the game had started !

    Spiders are everywhere but you'd be awfully unlucky to be bitten by one ...when I think of the number of times I've crawled into places that must have been crawling with them & never given it a thought ..sometimes you're better off not knowing !

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    In winter- you may not need to worry- though in summer (now) you may need to worry. The chances are low- if you just make sure that your house in clean and look out for the bugs and insects. This should not change your mind about moving here- it is a lovely place- and very safe.

    Good Luck for the future.

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    The chances are pretty low. To be on the safe side though, spray around the windows and doors with a surface spray insect repellent, and this will lessen the chances of anything nasty getting in.

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    Your dog would be much more likely to be poisoned in a Perth backyard by snail bait or eating common everyday house plants.

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    hahaha don't worry about it I've never known anyone or their animal die from a spider bite. The chances are very low to get bitten by anything and get badly injured

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    I would be more worried about a crocodile getting into your backyard and eating the dog. Always have red meast in your fridge to lure them away in an emergancy

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