Can you submit 4 short stories as a single Novel book?

Can one submit 4 short stories/novella ( each stories about 14k words, 17k words, 10k words and the other one 8k words) collectively its 40-55k words but contain 4 stories.

Can it be published as a Single Novel with 4 stories inside?

Please advice

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    If you self-publish, then yes, as you can do whatever you like with a self-published book.

    However, I would assume by your question that you are asking about publishing a book of short stories with a traditional publisher. You are sensible to find out a bit about the publishing industry and whether or not your book is suitable before you submit your manuscript anywhere. The Writers Marketplace (the title varies in different countries) is a valuable resource as it lists a variety of publishers, agents, their requirements and contact details.

    As a general rule, publishers are not interested in a book of short stories, published by an unknown writer. Books of short stories are published rarely and more often than not, are written by well loved, best selling authors such as Stephen King, or Tim Winton. Also, at 55,000 words, your book is not quite yet novel length. A novel starts at 65,000 to 80,000 words depending on the publisher and genre. If you book is to have any chance at all, it is best that the four short stories interconnect somehow. (e.g same place setting or same characters.)

    However, do not become disheartened. Publishing is a tough industry. Here are some odds. In Australia, Penguin Books receives more than 3000 unsolicited manuscripts in their books for children and young adults division alone. Of these 3000 manuscripts, only or perhaps two will actually be chosen for publication. Those are very small odds. These are usually the ones that suit the current market, house style and need very little editing. Still one or two lucky writers make the cut every year, so it isn't impossible. Just unlikely.

    While there is nothing to stop you from trying to get your four short stories published as a novella (and why should anyone stop you,) be aware that the odds may be against you. Still you never know unless you try.

    Good luck.

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    It's my understanding that publishers loathe this kind of book and unless you're already established, they're not going to be too enthusiastic about it. I can't for the life of me remember which author said this... I THINK it was Charles Sheffield in the introduction to his own book of short stories.

    He said another problem with such books is that often times the stories, which could have been published in traditional short story outlets, weren't because they weren't any good. If I were you, I would try to get them published independently before I approached a publisher with getting them published together. You could cut them down to ten thousand words a piece, then once they're all published, you could publish them in a collection, a "restored" edition, if you will.

    Most of the short story collections you see today are mostly comprised of previously published material. Yes, there are exceptions (I think Clive Barker got his Books of Blood stuff published straight into book form, but I may be wrong about that), but I think it would be more satisfied and easier to publish them one at a time.

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    Yes you can do that. For example Rachel Hawthrone wrote 'A Year In Europe" and its three short stories however the main girl characters are best friends but they each have their own story. So just see what you can do and write whatever you want. But remember try and connect the characters to each other in your stories because that makes a story more interesting and its just better than if they are seperated. Or R.L Stine sometimes wrote a novel and it had three completely different stories in it. Remember though make sure each story has its own section in your novel!

  • Aimee
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    Sure you can, but hardly any publishers will be interested in it.

    If the four stories are connected by a thread - could be character(s), locale or theme - then just call it "a novel" and pitch it that way. Or if a common thread isn't there, rework the stories to create one. "Novel" is a very broad definition these days.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Stephen King has done that lots of times:

  • Jozie
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    1 decade ago

    Of course you can I mean don't lots of authors do that. IF they can then you can too. Enjoy writing...

  • La
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    1 decade ago

    Absolutely you can as other authors do it daily.

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