so many love/romance/breakup songs?

ok so i am a single girl, and very happy as is.

it just seems like theyre are so many songs out there that have to do about love and lust and...

what are some good songs that dont have to do with relationships??

and plz nothing that talks about being single, even happily single.


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    al the single ladies?? or party like a rock star hahaha

    depends on what kind of music you like

    current songs I like

    Copacabana Club - Just do it

    Lykke Li - dance dance dance , breaking it up, everybody but me

    Hooverphonic- Jackie's Delirium

    mgmgt- the youth or handshake

    lights and music

    K-OS - run or born to run

    Luciana - bodyrox what planet are you on? and yeah yeah yeah

    Lady gaga - Kaboom

    Metric - monster hospital [ remix]

    perfume - Night Flight , electro world, love the world

    Alex C yass - sweetest *** in the world

    t!k Tok - Kesha or whatever her name is

    Basement Jaxx - Raindrops

    The Asteroids - Galaxy tour around the bend

    The chemical brothers - Do it again

    Dragonette - the boys

    Space cowboy - falling down

    Fleet foxes- blueridge mountain

    Hot chip - ready for the floor

    Lady gaga - money honey

    Phoenix- lizstomania , 1987

    September - just an illusion

    The Shanghai Restoration - Miss shanghai

    Snoog dogg ft pharrell - let's get blown

    Robin - Konnichiwa bitches

    Vanga boys - I like to party , Boom boom boom

    The beatles- black bird

    Amy winehouse - Rehab

    Cascada - evacuate the dance floor

    Jordan sparks - one step at a time

    Telepopmusik - breathe

    John lennon - imagine

    Peter Bjorn - young folks

    dead mouse - ghost n stuff

    [ manly all the electro,happy hardcore, hardstyle, trance , rave ish songs are not about love or even close to it lol]


    killing me softly

    funky town

    waterloo sunset

    stone soul picnic

    aha - take me on

    beegees - night fever

    Source(s): hope u like atleast some of them
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    Source(s): Bring Ex Lover Back :
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    Hi, I am additionally a tremendous pop/punk fan and keen on Blink 182. Yes I additionally loved Blinks previous stuff and didnt fairly just like the 2011 album. The handiest songs which took be again was once " Wishing good" and " Kaleidoscope". Then once more all the contributors at the moment are 37+. They cant fairly make immature fabric anymore now that they're older and feature kids. Tom Delonges voice isn't as well because it was once throughout the older occasions. He had a painkiller dependancy and that would had been the motive. Mark Hoppus nonetheless is high-quality reside. Travis Barker did admit that the 2011 album was once no longer the high-quality in a latest interview seeing that the contributors didn't list it in combination. He did upload that their upcoming album was once recorded in combination and that it's going to be greater than the final one. Honestly now that they're older and feature contrasting personalities, I suppose that there are just a few extra Blink albums left. We will have to admire what we get from them. I could love to look +forty four ( Mark and Travis's different band shaped throughout the Blink hiatus), unlock one other album.

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    well the main inspiration of most people life is to find someone you love, and one of the worst things to feel is heart break so people make a killing writing songs for that.

    but one happy song i can think of is Mmmbob by the hanson brothers

    Celebration, kool and the gang

    jermey, pearl jam (this song isnt happy but its not about love)

    idk, there arent too many.

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    That's a good question! I often thought of it myself. Hey people can you recommend some songs that don't have to do with daft love?

  • 1 decade ago

    If you listen to rock band or puck group there arent that many love type song.

  • 1 decade ago

    paramore <<<<< a couple songs only like 2 are about relation ships but thats it plus there not a stupid band and there songs have more meanning

  • 1 decade ago

    love is the universal language.

  • 1 decade ago

    lady gaga

    christmas tree

    poker face


    boys bnoys boys

  • 1 decade ago

    broken strings james morrison

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