Nip tuck, I am so confused.?

I just started watching the show, who is the father of Kimbers baby? Who are Matt's parents? And Who all has Christian been married to?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Matt McNamara is the father of Kimber's baby. She slep with Matt to get back at Christian (season 4). Christian and Julia are Matts biological parents but Sean raised Matt thinking he was his son (season 1). Christian has only been married once to Liz (season 5.2). But he has been engaged 3 other times. Twice with Kimber (season 3 & currently on the show) and once with Michelle Landau (season 4).

    Hope this helps, theres alot of story lines going on in this show for the past 6 years or so.

  • 1 decade ago

    Matt is the father of Kimbers baby. Matt's parents are Christian Troy and Julia Mcnamara. Sean is the one who raised him though but Christian is his biological father. Christian has only been married to Liz. I love this show!

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