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tired after ejaculation and the day after?

I am 15year old boy. I started masturbating 6months ago.I feel very tired after masturbating.I really want to know if it is normal to feel tired and sleepy the DAY AFTER!!! masturbating.See this is my big problem because i masturbate everyday Only once before going to bed and i feel extremley tired and weak at school and i would want to go to sleep. Could you guys tell me if i need medical treatment or is there something wrong with me???? This is very important to me because my friends keep telling me that i look really tired.

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    It depends on how many times you ejaculate. If you only do it once and always feel tired and sleepy the following day, then you should first make sure you are getting enough sleep. If you are eating and sleeping normally then it could be because you are in the middle of your growth spurt. If your body is growing as rapidly as many boys your age then that could be the problem. It takes a lot of energy for growth and sex. Put the two together and it can drain you. Proper sleep and nutrition along with exercise would help. If you feel none of these are an issue for you, then it may be time for a visit to the doctor. Yes it is embarrassing to tell the doc, why do I feel so tired the following day when I masturbate at night? Well, it may come to that if it continues to be an ongoing problem for you.

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    Your body is telling you that you do it too much and too often. Just slow it down! At your age, everyday is too much. Your body needs rest and there are other important things you must use your energy and concentration. The average at your age is once or twice a week. You don't need a doctor. You need some rest, balanced diet and good exercise, to regain your health, at your age. Mastubation is for pleasure, not for torture! Remember, slow it down and take good care of your health. Good food, plenty of exercises and good rest will do the trick!

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    wow your like me DUDE O_O i masturbate everyday and get tired too O_O sometimes i forget stuff ALOT NOW i think its due to too much masturbation but i dont know try not masturbating for one day and see if u dont get tired if u still get tired then its just something wrong... hope you get the correct answer to our problem :)

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    you shouldn't be tired at your age. i think its probably just pyschological. if ure truly tired try quitting for a week or a month -- good luck cuz ure gonna need it lol

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    Exactly how much are you masturbating?

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    your just exerting way to much energy into your dick

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    maybe u should do it less

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