How do gauges work? Is that something you do yourself? ...or do you get them professionally done?

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    Some people prefer to gauge their ears themselves and others may have a friend or professional do it. For example, I've always done my own gauges, and my husband could never work up the nerve to do them himself. He always had his younger sister do it and a few times had our piercer/tattoo artist do them for him.

    If you want to do them yourself, you can go to any store that sales gauges and they will most likely have a taper, this is only recommended if your ears are "stretchy" or you can tear your ears. Yes, it happens. Then there are people, like myself, who don't have "stretchy" ears and have to gauge their ears down one by one. Ex:16,14,12 ect...I'm not exactly sure how much it costs to do it professionally because places vary. Some places may do it for free if you bring in the equipment/earring gauges and others may charge, say, $10-$20. It also depends on how far you're gauging them.

    The only way to really tell if you have stretchy ears or not if it's your first time, which i'm assuming it it, is to buy the next size down from what you currently have and if they slide in with ease go one more size down after about a week. If you have resistance you may not be suited to use a taper, if you don't have resistance you may be able to skip one size. Do so with cation. If your ear feels as if it will not take the taper, do not force it.

    Hoped this was elaborate enough... :)

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    It can be easily done yourself by buying the tapered spikes to gauge your hole up one size at a time. I got my first gauge done by a piercer. He charged me $10, then told me how to do it myself. I have also seen surgical gauging done by pro piercers where someone went from a non-pierced ear lobe to 00 by using a scapel. They do not shrink back.

    If you do it yourself, make sure to go up one size at a time, leave a month or two between gaugings (longer if you''ve made it up to 8-6) and lube the gauging spike. Hope that helps!!!

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    4 years ago

    How Do You Get Gauges

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    A gauge is a unit of measurement. Stretching is when you increase the gauge (thickness) of your piercing. And yes, you can stretch your own piercings if you are well educated on it before you start doing it, or you can have a piercer do it for you.

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    you can not professionally get gauges. You get your ear pierced and every few weeks get a bigger gauge and stretch your ear or whatever piercing you are stretching. It can be a long process. You should only get a size bigger, but they also have these taper things that gauge your ear from one gauge to another. (like 10g to 6g)

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    5 years ago

    Do it yourself trust me.

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    You just buy bigger sizes of earrings, you can do it yourself.

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    1 decade ago

    you can do them yourself.

    i wouldnt tho, jic of infections and stuff.

    do mine?

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