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Today makes four years since I joined yahoo answers. How long you been here?

Today makes four years since I joined yahoo answers (on December 24, 2005), although I wasn't a regular in this section until early 2006. So now I look back and think of how many groups have changed and all the people I have seen come, become popular and then fade out. And others like me was here for years and never rose to anything. Its easy to say I have been here longer than anyone in this section. I have had just two accounts (one from Dec. 2005 to April 2009) and then one from April 2009 to the present. I have never been suspended (deleted my old account because of an overload of junk mail). The biggest difference between then and now is, then there was more serious questions and less immature teens that now fill this section (why I have frequented other sections more commonly). My favorite user is by far Monstrar, who has also been here nearly as long as me and I have grown to admire her intelligence and kindness.


How long you been here?

How many accounts you had?

Have you ever been suspended?

How much has changed since you joined?

You favorite user?


I was 16 when I joined, I am now 20. What about you?

Update 2:

Ethel, I rarely ever come here anymore. I am mostly in religious and spirituality. But from 2005 until around late 2007/early 2008, this was my main section. Since I was here most of my existance on yahoo answers, I have placed this question here.

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    Oh Matt...

    I've been here a little under you. I was 15 when I joined; I'm 18 now. Oh goodness, lol. I think I've had like 3 accounts, 4 maybe? I've been suspended twice. A LOT has changed since I've joined. Back in '05 this site was newer and less people/trolls were around. It was a lot better then, in my opinion. And i used to hang around the Religion and Spirituality section, not this one.

    My favorite users (I can't pick just one) are:




    Sweet November







    and of course you.


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    I joined this site 4 years ago when I was 13 (I'm 17 now). I joined because I was looking on google for ways that a 13 year old can make money and this site popped up a lot so I finally joined and I have been addicted ever since. I *think* this is my 3rd account, but I am not even sure anymore. My other accounts got suspended. I have changed a lot since I joined. I mean when I joined I was in 8th grade and now I am about to gradguate, so I would hope that I have changed. I remember I used to come on here and ask random question with titles like "jshgusisduhgusijghdisg" just to get people attention and I also used to ask a lot of "am I pretty questions" and I used to flood the site with the same questions over and over again and then I would wonder why users would get mad at me. Yeah I do not do that now, I believe I have matured a bunch since I find joined this site, and I have also learned the ropes so to say of this site. Well I rember when I first joined they used to have thumbs up/thumbs on questions instead of stars, and you couldn't thumb up/thumb down individual answers. Also there are A LOT more trolls now then when I first joined and there is a lot more drama. Also when I first joined there was not fans and contacts. I don't really have a "favorite user".

    Ps. Did anyone else get sent anything from Y!A? I got sent a reusuable shopping bag and an eco friendly lightbulb once.

    Aww thanks monstrar =)

  • I joined on my first account April 12, 2008. So I've been on Y!A for 1 year and 7 months, I think. This is my second account, and hopefully I won't have to make another one. Yup, only once though. Not much, well except the way Y!A's look. I would have to say monstrar, she's a good contact, she's give great advice and ask interesting questions. I was 15, and now I'm 16.

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    How long you been here?

    ~ I was a member as of May 15, 2008, so over one and a half years. I was 13 then, 15 now.

    How many accounts you had?

    ~ One!

    Have you ever been suspended?

    ~ No

    How much has changed since you joined?

    ~ Well, I used to hang out a lot in the Beauty & Style section, but now I think I've found my home at Adolescent. : ) I also enjoy venturing to the Higher Education +, Psychology, Philosophy, Visual Arts, Music, and P&S sections.

    You favorite user?

    ~ It's a toss up between Skylark, Kirsty, and Eva. The three of them are exceedingly awesome and provided so much help, warmth, and kindness when I've needed it.

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    I joined June 30th, 2009 on this account. I have been on yahoo answers since 2007.

    I have had other accounts, and I have been on yahoo answers since 8th grade, which was 2007, so almost 3 years. :] I have been on Politics, Fashion & Accessories, Culture & Groups, Adolescents and now Baby Names. I am a reg in Baby Names and most people know me. I am on level 5. I started when I was 13, the legal age to be on here. I am almost 16 now. I do not have a favorite user because I have been all over the place and can not stick to one section. I love Yahoo Answers and will probably on here for a very long time.


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    I've been here since May 2008.

    I've had about 10 accounts. haha

    Yeah, I've been suspended 3 times.

    It's changed an awful lot from when I first joined.

    My favorite users are the ones I talk to regularly.

    I had just turned 12 when I first joined, now I'm 13.

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    I joined January 15th 2009 so been here nearly a year :)

    2 accounts; I forgot both my username and password of the first one (so I've probably been here longer than a year)

    Never been suspended

    Don't think much has changed but I know who some of the regulars are now

    Don't have a favourite, everyone is really great

    Merry xmas :)

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    I've been on Y!A for just over a year.

    I joined on December 6, 2008.

    I've only had one [this] account.

    I've never been suspended *Sigh*

    And I don't think much has changed besides some of the members.

    And I don't have a favourite user.


    EDIT: I was thirteen and some, and now I'm fourteen....fifteen in a few months.

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    How long you been here?

    Since March 8, 2008, but I've had three accounts. I've had this one since March 22, 2009.

    How many accounts you had?


    Have you ever been suspended?


    How much has changed since you joined?

    Not much that I've noticed.

    You favorite user?

    Eh, I don't really have one.

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    4 years ago

    Yes. Many of the people asking seem to be too immature to actually be on YA but I just try to ignore it. Trolls often have deep problems and if asking stupid questions makes them feel powerful and important then whatever. When I first started about 4-5 years ago it was different. It was more respectful and less full of trolls. Now if you ask a serious question you might get 10 sarcastic troll answers and 2 or 3 real answers. It is sad actually.

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