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Did the Civil War make martyrs, or heroes, of southerners who fought like dogs of war even with lack of...?


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    Well Richard Kirkland, a volunteer with the 2nd SC Infantry, might have been a nobody if it weren't for the war. Today he's honored with a statue at Fredericksburg for his actions on the battlefield. The Angel of Marye's Heights, Kirkland became something of a hero to both sides when he brought water to wounded Union soldiers at the risk of his own life. Kirkland's been quoted as saying "All night and all day I have heard those poor people crying for water, and I can stand it no longer. I came to ask permission to go and give them water." His commanding officer gave him permission then denied his request to be abe to use a white flag for fear it would be misinterperted as the area of their line, if not all of the Army of Northern Virginia, was surrendering. Most folks might discouraged by the fact that they could not safely carry out such a compassionate act for the enemy, but Kirkland still went over the wall with canteens filled with water, going from soldier to soldier to give each man a little water. He'd do this several times before his personal mission was completed. At first the Union troops did shoot at him, thinking he was trying to loot the dead and wounded. But when they realized what he was doing, not only did they stop firing on him but they cheered him on. As did his own commrades.

    For more on the Angel of Marye's Heights and other soldiers who showed compassion to their enemies, try reading Daniel N. Rolph's "My Brother's Keeper: Union and Confederate Soldiers' Acts of Mercy During the Civil War."

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    No, the Civil War did not make martyrs or heroes of the Southrons who fought for the Confederacy - the white people of the South made heroes and mtyhs about those who fought for the Confederacy and their "Peculiar Institution" of African slavery. Robert E. Lee is an untouchable, James Longstreet is a pariah for questioning Lee's judgement at Gettysburg, and Pierre G. T. Beauregard fancied himself a Napoleon Bonaparte, but never lived up the role on the battlefield. Along with the martyrs and myths, is the selective amnesia with which the white Southrons elevate the Confederate commanders into gods in the Eastern (Virginia) theatre, but conveniently ignore the substandard and political generals who fought and lost in the Western theatre.

    Source(s): American Civil War History
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    We made heroes of many of them...look at how revered Robert E. Lee is. The skills and heroics of others stand out as well - Longstreet, Mosby, Pickett, John Gordon, A.P. Hill, John B. Hood... The American Civil War was unique in many ways - especially in the lack of violent retribution once the war was concluded and in the deep, lifelong friendships that developed between many former enemies. Today most Americans consider the Confederates heroic but sadly misguided people who fought courageously for their homes, wives, mothers, sweethearts, children...

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    I don't think anyone denigrates the fighting ability of the Southern soldiers. Some Southerners made heroes and martyrs of their war dead.

    I personally believe that the cause they fought for was wrong and doomed from the start. Which IMHO makes them pitiable.

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    Yes, and they should be honored. They fought for their country's freedom against a foreign enemy. An enemy that even went against its own laws to dominate another country. An enemy who basically spit in the face of the founding fathers of the US by taking the rights of citizens away.

    No, I'm not a southerner, in fact, my great-Great Grandfather served in a New York regiment during that illegal war.

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