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The Sound of music


1. give a short summary of this movie

2.list out the main events of this movie

3..introduce the main characters of this movie


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    1. give a short summary of this movie

    In the movie, Julie Andrews plays a nun in Salzburg, Austria. She is sent from her convent to the home of Captain von Trapp, whose wife has died, to be the governess

    (home teacher) of his seven children. (children's names are: Liesl,

    Friedrich, Louisa, Kurt, Brigitta, Marta, and Gretl.) Mischievous at

    first, von Trapp's children come to like Maria, and Maria falls in love

    with their father. Maria teaches the children how to sing and have fun

    because after their mother died, Captain von Trapp almost completely

    erased all forms of fun. Instead of choosing baroness (wife of a noble figure) Shroeder as his new wife, he ends up marrying Maria.

    After all of this takes place, the Nazis take over Austria (in the Anschluss),

    and wanted Captain von Trapp to join them. But, in an attempt to

    escape, the Captain and his family leave the house late one evening,

    and while pushing their car out of the drive, they are caught by the

    head of the army in the area. After being caught, Maria and Captain

    come up with a crafty lie to save themselves. They told them that their

    car broke down and that the family was supposed to be performing at the

    [Salzburg Festival]. Then they get to the festival and perform. Their

    dear Uncle Max helps them to escape while the army is entertained.

    The family escapes to the Alps and eventually walks over them into the next country (Switzerland) to live.

    2. list out the main events of this movie

    singing many songs.

    3..introduce the main characters of this movie

    Julie Andrews as Maria von Trapp, a free-spirited young Austrian woman, studying to become a nun. Due to her often singing and seeming somewhat out of place in the abbey, Mother Abbess sends her to the nearby town of Salzburg

    to be governess to the seven children of Captain von Trapp.

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    * Christopher Plummer as Captain Georg von Trapp, a veteran Austrian navy captain whose wife died, leaving behind their seven children. He extends his military background into raising his children, at first represented as a strict disciplinarian.

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    However, the Captain's attitude toward both the children and Maria softens considerably after she reintroduces music into the family.

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    * Richard Haydn as Max Detweiler, a good friend of both the Baroness and the Captain, he is one of the few to call him Georg. Max seeks out talented musicians and singers, and reveals them to the public eye.

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    In searching Salzburg for talented singers, he finds what he wants in the von Trapp family, and constantly tries to convince the Captain to let him enter the children in the Salzburg Music Festival.

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    * Eleanor Parker as Baroness Elsa Schraeder, the Captain's lady friend from Vienna, and later his temporary fiancee.

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    * Charmian Carr as Liesl von Trapp, the eldest of the von Trapp children, sixteen ("going on seventeen"). She at first believes she doesn't need a governess, but soon comes to trust Maria.

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    * Nicholas Hammond as Friedrich von Trapp, the second oldest of the children, fourteen. He is very quiet; he is also somewhat of a gentleman, despite his involvement in the tricks against the previous governesses, which the children confess were merely to get the Captain's attention.

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    * Heather Menzies as Louisa von Trapp, the third of the children, thirteen. She and Brigitta are often together, and Louisa is somewhat of a daydreamer.

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    * Duane Chase as Kurt von Trapp, the second boy, eleven. Kurt often tries to act manly and is outspoken against the previous governesses and often questions Maria about things, once trying to learn an Austrian waltz. He is notable for being somewhat loud and boisterous at times.

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    * Angela Cartwright as Brigitta von Trapp, the fifth child, ten. Brigitta is very sharp-witted, honest, and somewhat nonconformist, not afraid to speak her mind about things (e.g., Maria's dress being ugly). She is sometimes shown to have her head in a book.

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    * Debbie Turner as Marta von Trapp, the sixth child, seven. Marta gets along well with Maria, sharing her love of pink and being the first to like her.

    * Kym Karath as Gretl von Trapp, the seventh and youngest of the children, five. She speaks very little, and is often shy.

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