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Lttle women笞案

請寫Lttle women笞案,詳細一些.THX

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    Little Women's sequel carries on the first warm bright style, writes the unimportant person daily life, the love story, this book main description finished three year after stories in Little Women first, opened the overture by the Masurium standard wedding ceremony.

    The entire book altogether divides 24 chapters, each chapter by the different sisters primarily, recounts their spell of good or bad fortune and the growth.

    After what the big daughter “the Masurium standard” faces but is the marriage the role acting with because of child's birth the conflict and forgiveness which produces with the husband.

    The second daughter “Qiao” is in “the Luo ritual” after her public statement, but in order to resist 絕 him to run away in a panic New York.While there assumption tutor's, had known makes her admire does obeisance your professor, and in after altogether ties with him two trees grown into one.Finally, “Qiao” has inherited husband's aunt's plum garden, and organized a small school in there.

    Three daughters “the shell silk” the weak body is originally thin and pale day after day, finally finally enemy illness did not pass away.

    Four daughter Ai Meishou the Carlow aunt invites France to play, has known rich Buddha Switzerland German gentlemen in there.The lucky Switzerland Germany has the favorable impression very much to Ai Mei, but Ai Mei also thought originally marries into the rich and powerful family she to be able to be separated from poorly, obtains happiness, although her sincerity does not love him.However afterwards the news which died in the knowing shell silk, the sad no use to time, the Luo ritual comes to comfort her, two people fall deeply in love unexpectedly rapidly, and decided hand in hand spends together the life.

    In the book elaborated “Qiao” regarding writing in the maintenance life and the ideal contradiction with to the marital idea, is very appealing and has the life wisdom part.

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