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盡量是小學程度 大家都聽得懂的 !!










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    Have you ever had as a film, impressive? you had as a film and let you have your own experience of feeling? for me, the film is a vampire of the city of light, and high school girls between romantic love story.

    Inclusion in the Wolf clan rivalries with the Vampire: the two 29,947 pwehla to race against time to find out the secrets of ancient werewolf, and Edward leave her true motives. And she and love to get together again in Italy, but was caught in the success of the Buddha deckout Yin Duri vampire clan, evolved into a more dramatic crisis.

    Bella and Edward's relationship, will integrate into the more nervous dangerous element, and taken out of the vampire and werewolf, two places for the echnic long, Mr CHOW: pwehla haoyou n'yakoub joined each other of the war situation, the relationship between the three men appeared difficult conundrum. N'yakoub byraya has gradually found some, he is a descendant of a family of wolves, vampires peticides!

    The first episode is based on true love will be showcased in the girls of pure love and favorite heart-broken, the more love someone, and the more weight; the second set you into a wide variety of elements, Edward thought that an end to the marriage is to protect pwehla, which in English means heart-breaking pwehla was more painful and torture. Superficially, the story of the second set is in the narrative of the vampire and werewolf's enmity between the old is new, continue to be a description of the man's instinctive love, longing, demand, loss, anacliticalness and friendship.

    I like little unprepared movie gauge, so that you can take a piece of "white" to accept the film give me information and stimulation ", this time in the evening of the city of light". Follow all the way films anactress byraya Tao.(p105) go, followed her anxiety, helplessness and anger, doubt, excitement and anticipation to breathe, he has experienced the feeling of affair.

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