how badly would you be injured?

how badly would you be injured if you fell from a 5 story building??

or a ten story one??

or what amount of floors could you fall off to get hurt but not die, like just broken bones

like how many injuries would you have from a 5 sottrie building


im writing a book people, im not planning on commiting suicide

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    I can't give you exact numbers, and it depends on skill of landing, but...

    (And remember, this ALL depends on how you land... you won't nessicarly get a concussion from landing, but if you hit your head *owe*)

    2 stories, minor cuts, scrapes, minor concusion

    3 stories, possible fractures, minor concusion

    I think 4 stories is surviable, broken bones, severe concusion,

    depending on landing (i.e. rolling) skin can get torn off.

    5 You're asking to die. At 5 stories I think even a perfect "mantis" landing or "cat" landing will cause broken bones, possibly shatter some of the weaker bones, in even worse cases bones can tear through the skin (though in worse cases you might do that with 4)

    Just to further this a little, with a cat style landing, as the human being wasn't made to land like that, you'll likely cause severe trama to your hands. As you'll likely be braking on cement, the skin will tear off and you'd likely need to have them ampuated.

    Mantis style, just falling, arms out, with legs prepped as if you are going to jump (but not too much), you're GOING to break your ankel, if you land with your foot sideways, I'd say it may "nearly" detach (like dislocating a sholder... but worse)

    And if you get hit on the head? Maybe a cracked skull, maybe... but more head trama is internal than external.

    Then again, I can't seem to find the pages on this... but the trend is rather obvious, and it gets very bad after 3 stories.

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    Uh... do NOT jump off a building for attention. Ouch. And don't try and commit suicide either. Or if this is a friend, pass the word on. If you're hurting, you need to talk to the person that is causing the pain. :p

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    it really just depends entirely on how you fell and how you landed. you could die from falling from the second story of a building if you landed, for example, on your head. If you fell from a 5 story building and landed on your feet, you would probably have severe ankle and leg injuries but you would still be alive. it all depends on the landing.

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    are you thinking about jumping out of a building?

    ... probably something along the lines of this-

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    Try Gonski (Death)

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    why do u ask o_O

    are you planning to....?

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